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Some questions about NC...

Sandman61Sandman61 Member Posts: 6
I was playing NC1 Beta and I really enjoyed it and played few months.
I couldn't continue paying so I had to leave =[

I was visiting NC's forums once a while and then one day I see Neocron 2.
I saw that there's a free trial and after watchting the amazing trailer of NC2 I decided to go for it and give a try.
But... I saw a strange game and it wasn't Neocron for me. The most thing that I liked in Neocron 1 that first of all there was high poplution, but when I came to my apartment I was so happy that I can feel the Atmosphere again and see all the people around in plaza infront of the medic center trading outhere.
But then I didn't see ONE person in whole NC and when I saw someone I just ran after him to find information.
Anyway then I found out that NC isn't a safe-zone anymore and in NC1 when there were many people
Neocron was the main city, all the people were there you could get help easliy and the game was so special and fun, I could go always hunting with people in the sewers but now they're empty.
I tried to get to TechHeaven but it was impossible and just spending the whole trial for getting help or some mates that will level up with me and etc like it was in NC1 was just useless.
Pepper Park was an amazing place, lots of invasions, lots of shooting there and stuff, the factions and the clans were balanced but there were shitty bugs that was pissing me off but it didn't effect my time of playing.
After few days of the trial I stopped playing and I don't get it what was for Neocron 2? Dome of York? If no one in Neocron and most of the people are in Tech Heaven so call the game  TeacHeaven and not Neocron.
Anywayz my questions are:
After NC - EVO2.1 what's going on? is this the same like NC2?
Should I give it another try?
I really wanna play a cyberpunk MMORPG ...
What you guys people think about the moving from NC1 to NC2 and then NC EVO 2.1??



  • iretiret Member Posts: 8

    The game went downhill the day NC2 was released. It's really not worth the time to play any more. I started palying in beta 4 and quit a few months after NC2 came out. The entire upgrade was a joke. Same bugs as NC1 they made you pay for a new city / new way to get things (high lvl imps and things can only be gotten from faction headquarters) more bugs/ and a few other minor things i can't think of.

    So basically you have alot of crap added that means nothing really. Low as hell pop, more bugs, a dev team that really has no idea what there doing (hi nid). Coders that add 3 bugs everytime they try to fix one. A payment system that will charge you more then once per month and then say you didn't pay them. A trial account that you need a CC for.

    EVO 2.1 is just a few graphic model changes. Have not played since it was added nor have a seen a screen shot after it was added. Seen a few shots that KK posted with the models. Looked nice but with the bugs in game they probally cost you around 10 fps.

    NC1 -> NC2 -> EVO 2.1 And EVO 2.2 is being worked on from what i've read.

    My thoughts -  Holds no trueth except in my world and my experience with KK.

    I honestly think that EVO 2.1 and EVO 2.2 is just a way to try and please the people that play  the game. If you also notice from back when NC1 was around you could view all the forums without paying for the game. Now you can't. There trying to hide the fact that everyone is pissed with there game. They also started to crack down more on posts towards NC2 release. I will never play NC2. Getting ready to play NC1 on a emulated server pretty soon.

    NC2 can not even hold a candle to NC1.

    Iret / Slaughter

    Slaughter or Slaughteruall on most forums

  • Sandman61Sandman61 Member Posts: 6
    Getting ready to play NC1 on a emulated server pretty soon.
    what????????? really????
    explain me everything :$

  • Sandman61Sandman61 Member Posts: 6
    OMG ...
    iret please add me on msn :
    icq : 6445313

    i gotta talk with u tell me where u added me

  • iretiret Member Posts: 8
    Added you to ICQ. PMing you my info.

    Slaughter or Slaughteruall on most forums

  • iretiret Member Posts: 8
    If a mod can contact me via PM i will clear this up. It's a misunderstanding.

    Slaughter or Slaughteruall on most forums

  • zephar123zephar123 Member Posts: 70
    would love ot see the info on this as well.

    SIlvatech AT silvatech.net

    can be reached on msn

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