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Ad site being blocked

k61977k61977 Member RarePosts: 1,322
I am getting a ad site that is blocked by my antivirus itself not an adware program or script.  It is coming up cdn.onesignal.com.  I know this is a mobile push site.  If my actual antivirus is flagging it as non-trustworthy than that is something to look at.  It could have just been reported by a lot of people an be a false positive, got my doubts though.  I am using Malwarebytes an they are actually really good at flagging and removing bad content.


  • sunandshadowsunandshadow Member RarePosts: 1,985
    I'm getting forum threads blocked from loading due to content from raptr.com.  Seems like it's in someone's signature rather than an ad.
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