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Anarchy Online

mistmakermistmaker Member UncommonPosts: 321
i was sooo bored and by chance read somewhere that a new server opened, a fresh start. So I downloaded the beta client and started the game. Before that, my last game, was elderscrolls online. 

Graphically i was shocked. I was shocked by the UI. The animations... lol

playing that “shit“ for 3 weeks now and i have to admit, this game is still a better mmorpg than all of the ones we have now. 

AO was my first MMORPG and I stopped because servers were dead. WoW came out and other stuff. 

If they would remake this game with just updates graphics and animations, this would be by far the best mmorpg out there. And the only. 

This and SWG was golden. (AO, SWG and Age of Wushu IMO)
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  • TheocritusTheocritus Member LegendaryPosts: 9,781
    Many of us longed for AO 2, but it never happened....It's too bad because it was a very unique game, even with the awful graphics.
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  • mklinicmklinic Member RarePosts: 1,981
    Are the graphics still not that great? I thought they had a graphical overhaul a few years back, but I played very little so couldn't make an honest contrast to speak to level of improvement.

    Found the patch notes for it: Mentions "Added option to download a "New Engine" version of the game" so not sure if it is now streamlined or still a selection to be made...


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  • mklinicmklinic Member RarePosts: 1,981
    OG_Zorvan said:
    The "graphics upgrade", which has never left a "beta" stage, took a 2001 release and made it look like a 2004 release. So, it is an "improvement", but not enough to really matter. The "new bodies and heads" they kept showing never made it in, so it makes the characters and armor/clothing look even worse by putting them in the "improved" engine.
    Well damn..that sucks. AO always seemed like something that could do well with a little TLC/modernization, but always seems to be back-burner. Guess it's not as compelling as the Conan stuff for FC. :(


    "Do something right, no one remembers.
    Do something wrong, no one forgets"
    -from No One Remembers by In Strict Confidence

  • mistmakermistmaker Member UncommonPosts: 321
    The new graphics is better. Antialiasing and shadows. Still bad. 

    But you get used to it and enjoy the nostalgic mmorpg feeling. 

  • SweedeSweede Member UncommonPosts: 209
    I enjoy the game and have been since 2001, don't care to much about the graphics, the depth of the game and the customization you can do is what makes it fun for me.


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