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[GOT SPOILER] Top 5 People Likely to Die in the Battle of Winterfell

AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,630
edited April 2019 in Off-Topic Discussion


Here are my predictions on who will kick the bucket in this Sunday's GOT episode:

1. Theon Greyjoy
2. Tormund
3. Podrick
4. Lyanna Mormont
5. Little girl in soup line at Winterfell who spoke to Davos and will "guard" crypt.

I chose these because they are all people whose storylines don't have important unfinished business. For example, I would have picked The Hound, but then we could never see him fight his brother. You could argue Theon still has an open story, but I think he has gone as far as he is going to go. Picking the soup line girl may be cheating, I admit, because she is not a major character. 

What are your picks?

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  • ikcinikcin Member RarePosts: 2,211
    They just ruined the whole story. The episode was very well directed, mediocre CGI covered with night, good play from the actors. A script written by idiots.
  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 5,063
    Some epic visuals maybe, but they trashed the story. Thank god we still have the books to look forward too as the writing went downhill and got plain stupid after they ran out of source material.
  • ikcinikcin Member RarePosts: 2,211
    edited April 2019
    Epic episode, Everythings felt right and inline with the story. Curious how Theons's sister will take his death , and how the rest of the season tension  will play out into what I would imagine a more epic battle against the Lanesters paid for army.
    Obviously you started to watch GoT from season 8. Or for sure you missed the first 3 seasons. And absolutely you never read the books called "Song for Ice and Fire" - not song for Arya and Cersei. The whole plot became pointless - Bran is just an useless cripple, Jon was resurrected to have teenage love drama with Daenerys. She has 2 useless dragons. None of the important characters will die. And as this becomes a fairy tail from Disney, I wonder - there are strong feminist characters. The final epic battle is about the girl power and the independent XXI century women. But where is the black gay? If there is not an afroamerican homosexual character - this is not a good modern fairy tale. I'm kind of disappointed. But the turn was obvious as the 7th season was about the saving of private Ryan - played very well from mad CGI zombie. Ah, and there was some unimportant villain called the Night king - very weak character, with shallow story, heavy mask, and zero lines in the script. 

    Did I mention that the screenwriters of GoT are idiots? As any normal child who knows the alphabet could write a better script. 
  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 5,063
    lol 2 years to make this and they leave trash on the set?! Show went downhill fast. Winterfell has a Starbucks lol.

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