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Elder Scrolls Online Housing Cost Discussion

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Elder Scrolls Online & the Art of Necromancy -


  • Imperial-VoiceImperial-Voice Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    edited April 29
    Im really glad this article came up because of an issue we've been discussing on the forums recently that sort of hit a head with this chapter across several hundred threads(my thread:

    When I say we I mean everybody involved in Elder Scrolls Onlines housing community. ESO launched homestead I think 3 years ago and had these caps in place of 24 visitors and 700 items on the largest homes (if you sub) which is typically not enough to half fill these manors theyre selling as most furniture items are very small (as well as a slew of other issues) and yet these houses typicaly cost $120 and up.

    Now, there are large furniture items but these typically come in crown furnishing packs which run an additional $20 to $40 a pack and are always "limited" sales meaning you have roughly 4 days to purchase any given package. Right off the bat you have the obvious monetization here but on top of that most of these furnishings do absolutely nothing, save for about 21 items which are all seen as somewhat necessary to run proper guild hall and will cost a guild master a cumulative $300 if they want them all.

    Now, weve not been complaining about the price because obviously its our right to simply not spend, instead weve been complaining for 3 years about the lack of utility were getting. Half finished homes and tue ability to bring less than 1/8th of our guild to a hall at any given moment has made housing all but pointless for larger guilds and basically any RP guild.

    Despite 3 years and literally hundreds upon hundreds of threads requesting some dev input weve never been given any answer as to what they plan to do to alleviate any of this, until last week.

    Last week the head housing developer participated in an episode of ESO live and community rep Gina Bruno invited players to post any questions they had about Elsweyr and changes to the game and the thread was immediately flooded by questions about housing.

    Elsweyr is promising two of the largest houses to date with one being an endgame reward and the other being a crown store exclusive which will likely cost around 11K crowns/$100 or more and naturally people wanted to know if theyd be helping us out with these abysmal limitations and lack of functionality and for the first time in 3 years they gave us a response. They told us they planned to do nothing because it would require "too much effort" then went on to discuss the next costly asset flip theyll be offering us (3 packs of $30 furnishings and a $100 house)

    Housing in ESO is the single most expensive aspect of the game by far and yet their new stance is that improvments to it would require work and are therefore not worth it. This is a shameful stance in my opinion and one that I think people need to be aware of.
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