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Anyone join the new EQ2 PvE progression server?


  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798
    i'm playing on the server too - its alot of fun,  just wish nek forest wasn't necessary to run thru for evils to get to world bell for travel lol
  • Greyhawk4x4Greyhawk4x4 Member UncommonPosts: 474
    Yep. Them releasing this time-locked server is just the thing to bring me back to EQ2. We will see if i stick around when classic WoW launches.


  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,263
    yep, im playing as well, the game is well done, its a shame that WOW crushed it before it got a chance, lots of depth.  Collections and Legends and Lore are so awesome!!!!  Leveling without questing rocks too
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