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Kaladim is the New Time Locked Expansion Server for Everquest II Players - MMORPG.com

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126
edited March 2019 in News & Features Discussion

imageKaladim is the New Time Locked Expansion Server for Everquest II Players - MMORPG.com

If you're looking to recapture the glory days of EverQuest II, you may want to check in on the Kaladim Time Locked Expansion Server. Kaladim launched yesterday starting with "vanilla" EQ2 and with expansions unlocking automatically every sixteen weeks. Players can collect some new achievements and Heritage Quests "on this server will not only provide the quest rewards, but an additional reward on EVERY server you play on".

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  • AlpiusAlpius Member UncommonPosts: 203
    I can fight the urge.... I can.... must not give in.... almost free....

    Nope, I'm going back to one of my first homes. Damn you nostalgia....
  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,160
    good to hear Beastlords and Channelers are not included on the servers. I thought they might go with them. I put in a good 10 years in the game. My time is done but those were the days. Have fun @Alpius

    거북이는 목을 내밀 때 안 움직입니다

  • perrin82perrin82 Member UncommonPosts: 264
    Worth it? Is it really going back?
  • GrandpaDJGrandpaDJ Member UncommonPosts: 122
    It is a lot of fun! Very busy but well implemented so far.
  • WarlyxWarlyx Member RarePosts: 3,016
    how many servers are they going to start vanilla ? isnt this the 3rd time? :S
  • JeroKaneJeroKane Member RarePosts: 6,279
    edited March 2019
    items have been "adjusted down to better fit the server's progression. This combined with a major encounter balance and player ability update, will restore the more classic feel of the original launch".


    ROFL! Yeah sure..... they weren't even able to fix the lvl 1-85 itemization back in the SOE days, when they actually still had some competent devs left.
    The whole items and loot itemization is completely broken in the lvl 1 to 85 bracket, since they did the stat revamp years ago! They only bothered to fix the mastercrafted gear recipes and that's it.

    Even though EverQuest 2 is one of my all time favorite MMO's, I won't be suckered back in by Daybreak. This is just another cash grab, just like LOTRO Legendary server. Nice try!
  • RenfailRenfail Member EpicPosts: 1,619
    We have 32 players from our SoL community who joined over the weekend, we have a handful of server-side folks who joined, and we've got another half dozen folks joining this week from our community. Having a BLAST and we'll be hanging here until WoW Classic drops :) Room for more if anyone wants to come join us!
    Tim "Renfail" Anderson | Creative Director | The Saga of Lucimia MMORPG
  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,432
    edited March 2019
    having an absolute blast right now and the game is packed
  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,432
    Ppiper said:
    What am I doing wrong? Once off the island I landed in Qeynos and it's a ghost town. 
    goto any zone, nobody is just sitting around qeynos, there were 4 instances of the cave last night, 3 of peat bog, 2 of oakmyst, 2 of fallen ruins
  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798
    Channel 3 lfg is very active, make sure it’s visible in your main chat window
  • RenfailRenfail Member EpicPosts: 1,619
    There are mutiple instances of just about every single adventuring zone. On the Freeport side, I've never seen less than 3 instances of Freeport available, even. 

    Our guild is having a blast! Up to 65 active players now, and growing every day. We had no idea EQ2 would be this popular for our gaming group :) 
    Tim "Renfail" Anderson | Creative Director | The Saga of Lucimia MMORPG
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