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Selling titles after Domain & Settlement Selection

TorrskTorrsk Member UncommonPosts: 295
From the State of Elyria update: 

So for the above reasons, we'll be launching a new event after Domain & Settlement Selection ends which will begin as part of our third Kickstarterversary. This event will predominantly be for people who do not have a domain or settlement by the end of D&SS. Through this event, players who have a Bloodline Package or higher will have an opportunity to purchase an unclaimed settlement or domain directly from the Domain & Settlement Map at a discounted price. Note that these titles do not include EP or any of the other benefits of the traditional packages, but does include the title.

With the bit at the end:

And in a crazy effort to add a bit of game theory to the Dance of Dynasties, these settlements and domains which exist after D&SS ends will receive progressively higher and higher discounts!

I'm in two minds from reading this. On the one hand, more people picking up a title. Cause they arrival late or didn't have the money before, awesome. It's good they are given the chance to start as a ruling class. 

Yet on the flip side. I see this being a slippy slope, depending on how low the prices are/go to. There was a big deal made ages back when the packages first change. The biggest how brewmaster turned into courtier and the latter was argue to be better than the KS package. (Something they did change after the outcry).

Personally, I backed simply for the title. Most of the fluff within the package I care little for. The DE (design experience) that I have, zero idea what I will even do with. If I had known, that count would go massively on sale one day and the only real downside, is I can't pick wherever I want to go. I would have waited. Could have just waited for one of those EP sales and be fine there as well. So really only lose fluff. That is all assuming the price really drops, below KS count price, 500 USD. If it stays above that, then sure, it be all fine. Not that I can see many people spending that much, when they only get a title.

I do also see that whales will abuse this. While as pointed out above, they can't pick the land. Wouldn't put it pass a few from just buying heaps and either merging with their lands, when the game launches or with some of their mates. Thus controlling even more power and can't really see a way SBS can stop this. Buying bloodline on an alt account isn't hard, after all.

Curious what others think about this. 


  • AnOldFartAnOldFart Member RarePosts: 554
    edited March 2019
    I think it's a kick in the teeth for early "investors"
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