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Bot/explot patch

AthisarAthisar Member UncommonPosts: 666

Today a patch went live that addressed a major exploit (being able to guarantee certain very high value things from RNG drops that could be sold on AH) and one which has caused a bit of an uproar - removal of leadership from Gateway, the web interface.

The Gateway change has upset people because it was one of the few legitimate ways to earn Astral Diamonds without buying Zen and exchanging them. The devs say that bots were destroying the economy by running leadership farms, which is fair enough - but this change will drastically affect legitimate players, while bots can be adjusted to do these things in game rather than on gateway.


  • airheadairhead Member UncommonPosts: 718

    The game had some good smooth combat, but the people running it are morons. The only way to advance at a snail pace, is to spend a little money and level up leadership-toons, with a browser, checking it every 4 hours or so through the day. Now they've turned that off. Bots in this game make around 5% more AD on max leadership toons over legit browser-users. (who cares?! It's irrelevant considering it takes 8 months or so to get legendary stuff).

    The big effect of this change is in the 'leveling-up' process. It takes around 3 months to get a leadership toon to max, avoiding dead time using the browser interface. Without that interface, people who work and can't hit it thru the day, that process will go up to 6-8 months. In the meantime, botters will continue to level up leadership toons within game, unaffected. SO this 'change' will just increase the distance between botters and legit players.

    With this change, (in combination with the mod-6 disaster)... I expect the population to decline even more over the next 2-4 months...

  • AthisarAthisar Member UncommonPosts: 666

    It is a pain that you can go to several areas (Blacklake, Neverdeath, etc) and see obvious bots at any time of the day, every day, and nothing is ever done about it. Looking at AH you will see stacks of 99 refinement stones going on for pages and pages. It's absolutely obvious these come from bot farming, but nothing is done about it. Gold sellers spam chat and yet they're not automatically banned from players reporting spam.

    It may be true that leadership bot farms are generating ridiculous amounts of AD, but they've hit it with a sledgehammer by disabling it for everyone. They've also not made alternative ways to earn AD available for genuine players to compensate for the loss. With all this going on they've increased AD sinks in the game, and significantly reduced ways to earn AD in game, while making AD more and more important to end game progression.

  • TheOctagonTheOctagon Member UncommonPosts: 411

    Neverwinter is going the way of STO.

    Giant grindfest and abuse the player base.

    Go Craptic!

  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon Member RarePosts: 3,432
    Originally posted by TheOctagon

    Neverwinter is going the way of STO.

    Giant grindfest and abuse the player base.

    Go Craptic!

    I don't think the 1.6 miilion xb1 players really give a shit.

  • AthisarAthisar Member UncommonPosts: 666
    Originally posted by SedrynTyros
    When I left the game, I'd observed that every single time the people managing the game had to make an important decision they made the wrong one.  Looks like that hasn't changed.

    It's really fun from levels 1 to 60. That's where it starts to get problems. Right now end game progression is incredibly tedious and ultimately pointless, since there are no raids or 'ultra epic' dungeons.

  • ulmenstine09ulmenstine09 Member CommonPosts: 8
    they need to release there old members accounts from the so called buged glitch they didnt take blame for.. in all since.. this is gonna kill the game least u can try to get some kind of respect by letting half your game come back to try to see if it can be a slight chance it can work but with the way they dont take credit for there own mistakes they wont unban the ppl who made a small mistake after 9 or so weeks being broke till they wanted to.. all a scam.. all end gamers that where hit.. not a set amount ad or hunts to ban this one or the next who did it just as much.. one thing in common.. they didnt ban ppl who put real zen in the market from wallet etc.. only ppl who endgame and used in game currency to get thru the game.. fraud.. i would try to make it right cryptic..
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