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Who has played a particular mmorpg for more than 10 years?

AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 5,990
My longest stint in one game was WoW (about 4 years, but not sequential).

I have always wanted to be someone who plays the same game for a decade or more, and admired people who do.

So come take a bow?

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  • TamanousTamanous Member RarePosts: 2,995
    edited February 28
    The only MMORPG I have possibly played for over 10 years is Wow and that is collectively. Certain not 10 years straight.

    The VAST majority of my Wow experience is Vanilla and TBC with heavy emphasis on Vanilla because of private servers too.

    I am REALLY tempted by the news of an AO fresh server, so I hope to add time to that game soon as well. Likely official Classic will again add to my Wow total.

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  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Member EpicPosts: 4,602
    Played EVE every year for about 10 years but with various breaks due to military life taking me places.
  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 27,321
    edited February 28
    Well, I've played Lord of the Rings Online since one of the earlier closed betas.

    I have taken breaks though I can't see that info other than I signed up in 2007. Currently subscribed now.


  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 6,884
     UO 21 years now, and going strong
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  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Member EpicPosts: 2,941
    Aye, Vendetta Online, 15 years matey.

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  • DeadSpockDeadSpock Member UncommonPosts: 364
    Ffxi = 16 years Ffxiv = 9 years
  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,018
    edited February 28
    I have played LOTRO off and on since beta.  I have a friend who plays UO every Christmas with a friend. . .they sub for 1 month a year.  For me LOTRO is probably a total of 3 years of subscriptions though.  Three months every year for 10 years maybe :)

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  • Jamar870Jamar870 Member UncommonPosts: 375
    WoW, most of 10+ years. Taken a 11 month break recently.
  • tweedledumb99tweedledumb99 Member UncommonPosts: 249
    DAoC on and off since dec 2001, active only 1/5 of that time.
  • AlBQuirkyAlBQuirky Member EpicPosts: 5,505
    Like most, none with any regularity. EQ (or P99) I still go back to off and on since 2001. WoW sees me longing in now an then since 2005-ish. Wizard101 has probably seen my most consistent visitation since 2009.

    When I first played these MMOs, I was there everyday for 2 to 4 years straight. Things happened and I stopped logging in every day. Usually those things were "player related", like guilds breaking apart or in-game friends moving on. Rarely has it been due to a specific update, though WoW's Cataclysm did break apart the guild I was in, which inevitably lead to me leaving, too.

    The good and bad thing about MMOs is that they change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. The games I still visit on occasion have changed so much, they barely resemble the MMOs I enjoyed "back in the day."  :smiley:

    PS: Cool question, by the way :) I feel bad I couldn't include City of Heroes, which saw the majority of my MMO time, but it was dead before it's 10th birthday. Only eight years old...

    - Al

    Personally the only modern MMORPG trend that annoys me is the idea that MMOs need to be designed in a way to attract people who don't actually like MMOs. Which to me makes about as much sense as someone trying to figure out a way to get vegetarians to eat at their steakhouse.

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  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Member EpicPosts: 2,729
    i've been an Entropia player since 2009 I think. But i've taken many breaks, my cumulative time is probably 1.5 years or so or even less. 

    Overall, I'm the anti-10 year player. I burn through games and then that's it, onto another game to burn. I'm way too ADD to stick to one game for too long. Path of Exile i've been burning through for the past 1.5 years based on the league cycles i believe. so i play for about 4-6 weeks every 3 months or so. 

    I did play D2 or its mods from 2000 to probably 2010 on and off though. 
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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 34,365
    edited February 28
    I have over 10 years of subscription time on EVE, and if you factor in my two to six accounts it probably counts for over 30 plus years maybe.  ;)

    If we count up all my time in DAOC between original live /classic live servers plus my time on two freeshards it probably comes close to 10 years,  but on and off at times.

    Oh yeah, back on the live servers across 4.5 yrs I had between 3 to 5 paid subs rolling, so probably pads my numbers up. Freeshards dont permit multiple accounts. 


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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,551
    Well me of course.FFXI being the obvious but i also put in off/on to EQ2 over the duration until just last year when i stopped playing.
    How many real mmorpgs are there and how many been around 10 years?IMO you are only a MMO if your design SUPPORTS the MMO theme,if not ,then you might be a hub/co-op/single player but you are not a MMO.

    I have gamed since we used sticks on a screen,had to format our own hard drives and sound cards,graphic cards etc etc.I have seen gaming evolve from nothing but pixels into amazing animation but one thing i have not seen as of yet...a COMPLETE mmorpg.I mean bare bones complete without bells and whistles.
    As i write this,survival games are more mmorpg's than mmorpgs are and that is sad.


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  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,856
    I've played a lot of MMO's from beta to current but not for once a week.  Most I rotate through or play everyday when new content comes out until I'm done with it.  I don't really keep track.

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  • Mylan12Mylan12 Member UncommonPosts: 222
    I have been playing LOTRO since before beta well actually the last alpha. I do take months off at times. I do have a lifetime account.
  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 27,321
    Wizardry said:

    As i write this,survival games are more mmorpg's than mmorpgs are and that is sad.

    I wouldn't say it was sad but I do agree, they feel more like what I thougth mmorpg's would be.

  • iixviiiixiixviiiix Member RarePosts: 1,999
    Most of my MMORPG die young before 10 years old cause some retard's greed .
  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Member EpicPosts: 2,278
    EVE Online since 2005

    Age of Conan since 2008

    Short to Long breaks here and there, but they're both always installed permanently and I always find some reason to play them for at least a day or two a month even when I'm playing something else.

    Also, I would still be playing Planetside 1 and SWG if they hadn't both been unceremoniously shat upon by SOE.
  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 11,829
    EQ2 for 10 years straight


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  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 6,884
    edited March 1
    EQ2 for 10 years straight

    I was just thinking of firing that up and playin a noob , always fun times
  • Saur0n69Saur0n69 Member UncommonPosts: 42
    Lotro, UO, SWG, WAR, DCUO
  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,777
    edited March 1
    LotRO for 12 years now. I started playing one of the beta periods. I only sub and play a few months off and on out of the year now. My mmo stints are getting much shorter.

    EQ2 maybe for around 8 years. I started playing sometime during Rise of Kunark but stopped playing regularly around 2016ish after Thalumbra.
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  • AmarantharAmaranthar Member RarePosts: 3,513
    Played UO for 12 years.


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  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 6,616
    edited March 1
    Played FFXI 8-9 straight then only did the free log ins once the game went into 'maintenance mode' so dunno if that counts. WoW on and off for 8 years now that I think about it.
  • slowpoke68slowpoke68 Member UncommonPosts: 541
    I've played EQ on and off, mostly off since a couple of months after launch 20 years ago.  Just resubbed last night getting ready for the 20th anniversary TLP launch next month.

    Still the mmo that has ever come closest to the feel of pen and paper DnD 2nd edition, which I loved.
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