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Old EQ1 Friends



  • CallsignVegaCallsignVega Member UncommonPosts: 288
    Tallon Zek server:

    Vegamancer Vilegenius - Dark Elf Necro (The Severed Tongue and Infernal Assassins). Old school before the server was ruined by cross-teaming (Pandemonium),

    Sullon Zek server:

    Vega - Half-Elf Ranger (Darkenbane and Tides of Wrath). 

    I will be playing on the Pantheon PvP server. 
  • GatoralliGatoralli Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Name: Gator
    Class: Monk

    Server: Cazic-Thule

    Guild: Encomium Cadre

  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,954
    Quantis Darklight, Erudite Paladin, Bristlebane (1998-2001)

    Joined - July 2004

  • DerlocDerloc Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Derloc  the Shaman on E'CI
    Tababy Baulz
  • svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,223
    edited February 2019
    oops already posted here.  old thread, old memory

  • WillowbayOrelseWillowbayOrelse Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    I started 2 weeks after launch.

    E Marr
    Willowbay Orelse
    Elizabette Apaiser
    Camarose Thorne
    Briarose Thorne
  • SushisonSushison Newbie CommonPosts: 4
    Jino - bard
    Fennin Ro
    "The Mystical Order"
  • KYDENx2020KYDENx2020 Newbie CommonPosts: 1

    Eronakis said:
    Pecerbus said:
    Pecerbus -  Wizard. Elemental Dawn on Karana server, Night Eternal originally Karana server then moved forget which server. Heaven and Earth forget what sever.  Triadica I believe Solusek Ro. My final guild was with Township Rebellion on Luclin.  Everquest is the only game that I have played and actually miss the people I played along side of. 
    Hey man! I was also in ED! One of my good friends recruited me and merged with another guild at the time. Do you remember a Wood Elf Druid named Strongwood? I also can't remember the guild leaders name to save my life, he was a monk that started with a V? I also knew another High Elf Wizard in ED called Jonjay I believe? He was a kiting beast! 

    Night Eternal went to Stromm I believe. And I had a Human Paladin friend who was in ED/NE and went to Township on Luclin named Slickone. Remember him?

    I loved slickone.  He was such a sweet old man.  I hope he's still kicking it today....

    The human monk was Velamon he was in the original eq pvp battle where the best of each class fought each other.....should be on yt sonewhere.. 

    On a different note I always wondered what game dreds migrated too, he was also a great guy.  Those frenchies  were always kind to me...karana was so loveable, and then I moved to zek which was a pile of crap

  • JenkzJenkz Member UncommonPosts: 94
    Zareon - Dwarf warrior
    Innoruuk - 1999 - 2004
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