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Anthem Devs Dish on Endgame in Gameplay Series, Part 2 -



  • LeFantomeLeFantome Member RarePosts: 574
    Boss, we don't have enough content for a release… Meh, it's alright. Just include harder difficulty levels once the game has been defeated for the first time.

    EA, always raising the standards!

  • XarkoXarko Member RarePosts: 1,133
    I'm very skeptical about longevity and I think it will kick this game in the nuts pretty soon after release. 

    Difficulty levels in looter shooters are no content. It's all just a gear check.  Just a necessary carrot on a stick.

    3(only) strongholds: If the other two are similar to the one in the demo, the number is pretty damn low. Also, they are not really endgame, everyone will know them through and through by the time they reach the max level.

    Exploring the world: Meeeh. This game is not an RPG where can you go on a immersive adventure. It's just a large area filled with enemies to mass murder.

    Cataclysms: Hard to tell. Could be interesting, depends on how limited they are.

    I liked the gameplay and enjoyed the demo, but I'm gonna wait. I suspect Anthem might be another one of those "50% sale within a month" kind of games.

  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Member UncommonPosts: 661
    I have been hoping that this is like an ARPG and have a great loot hunt. That is what I have been looking for. Warframe is great but I always feel behind there, Hated Borderlands as it just could not capture me but understand the love for it, Division is one that the main dev studio lost me but for sure was bullet sponges, and Destiny had great things but always felt shallow.

    I know Anthem will get at least 2 weeks of my time as I try and see what if it fulfills what I have been looking for. I know it will have been worth my time even if I don't decide to stick with it. I had fun during the demo and if with a group of friends then probably even better. Guns did their job in my opinion but did seem like abilities were very important. Shields seemed the hardest things as they could regen so fast when changing clips.
  • FlyByKnightFlyByKnight Member EpicPosts: 3,967
    Can anybody explain what the whole "you're leaving the mission area" thing is about. That was something that worked my nerves a bit.
    "As far as the forum code of conduct, I would think it's a bit outdated and in need of a refre *CLOSED*" 

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