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Upgrading my graphics card?

ArteriusArterius Member EpicPosts: 1,370
So I bought a pre-built desktop and want to upgrade my graphics card with my upcoming tax return. The rest of the computer is pretty good and shouldn't need to be upgraded. However the graphics card is a NVIDA 1060 3gb and it holds my computer down.

Just wondering what graphics card people on here recommend. I am not good with computers which is why I bought a pre-built computer in the first part. I know nothing about parts.


  • AsheramAsheram Member RarePosts: 3,748
    Should post here too, probably get a faster reply.
  • Amzoun95Amzoun95 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 9
    edited February 14

    Is your processor overclocked? If you have a solid OC going, you should be fine up to a certain point. You will get better performance out of a more modern processor, but unless you start talking about more than a few hundred dollars worth of Graphics Cards, it won't be dramatic. 

    Also, what resolution do you play at? This is important- lower resolutions require a whole lot less muscle to run games at max settings with playable framerates.

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