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Tech Forum ? Seems like a good idea....

I'm new to the site, just signed up today, and I was looking for a tech forum, and couldn't find one. I think it would be great for a site like this (about online games) to have a place where people can talk about their computers (I think EQ2 will run great with my new GeForce FX 5900 card).

Ok, ok, I'm not BRAND new to the site, I was one of the original people who signed up (superchrisypoo), but then I had some SERIOUS internet problems. But the site looks ALOT different then it did way back when - alot nicer and more user friendly now days.

Oh yeah... GO TECH FORUM !


  • findnolimitfindnolimit Member Posts: 112
    I posted this idea a while ago... but I agree

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