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Atlas - Not What Anyone Was Expecting



  • EggonomiconEggonomicon Member UncommonPosts: 20
    First off Official is a mess. They have it set to a 10 tick rate which will impact your play significantly. Second they have too many grids per physical server. This makes AI horrid, and causes lag issues. Third the community is atrocious.

    Try a private server, and the game is actually very fun and engaging!
    Fwiw very much acceptable for a paid EA release, so before trashing the game as a whole, try all its aspects. The game works well, needs more polish, but worthy of EA. But only on private servers.

  • TsiyaTsiya Member UncommonPosts: 280
    edited January 30
    About 180 hours on official PvP and 35ish on official PvE. Haven't seen problems like you had since a couple days after launch on my low to mid end rig that's 2 years old. Switched to PvE due to RL, not gameplay. 216 hours played, still having funs. They're adding quests and other stuff to it, so the sandbox aspect will be padded for those who can't make their own fun.


  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,465

    Maurgrim said:

    Trailer was a lie, It showed a living breathing world, not hitting trees on emty islands.

    LOL,the trailer gave very little indication of anything.What it showed IS in the game 100% and depending on your expectations is fun and very challenging.

    :living world"while not even close to perfect i can say it offers more than MOST every game in this area,know why?There is weather/environment an eco system.The carnivores are constantly attacking the herbivores,birds nibbling and taunting them,it has a more real feel to the environment than 99% of the games.

    As for the rest of expectations fro ma living world,well that part was meant to be filled by REAL players.There is no "instances"you can build ANYWHERE in the game,so with enough players "not griping"you can easily have a completely filled world.

    here is the funny part,all i kept hearing was TOO crowded,no land claims,so on one hand trying to keep those happy that want LESS in the world and others want MORE,is impossible for ANY developer.

    If anything,i feel i can simply point back to 2005,WOW,that game really created a blackmark on how gaming should be.The kmajority of online gamers WOW was their first ever game,so this is how they perceived online gaming.TONS and tons of hand holding,linear direction>>>here click this yellow marker over NPC;s head,no no don't bother thinking,we will do that for you.
    So now all these gamers,expect hand holding,told what to do and want is easy and want it fast and want nothing more than some linear easy street to OP loot.
    If yo uwent in with an open mind to BUILD,eat,drink,hunt,survive,sail,craft,do treasure hunts,tame pets/mounts then there should be no complaints because the game delivers.
    The only complaints should be bugs and better UI but that can be achieved if everyone is on the same page.

    FTR...I was in that same boat,i was so frustrated and angry i was within a whisker of quitting ,but i am not a quitter if i see potential in a game.What i realized after a week was that a LOT of my anger was not warranted,it more a case of simply not understanding the game and what you can and cannot do.
    Perhaps the keyword should be PATIENCE.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,465
    edited February 1
    I should use an example of how easily and short tempered people are.I stumbled onto this reddit from early in game release.

    I simply laughed when this person said 4 hours to tame a Giraffe.It so happens that while i was looking for information on what to feed it i stumbled onto that thread.Well i was going out to tame my first ever giraffe,know how long it took me...lmao 5 minutes TOPS.I wouldn't say i am any expert in the taming field either,it was actually one of my easier tames as i was afraid to attempt one for a long time.

    The problem is likely said person had very low taming skill,as INTENDED by game design.Of course tames will be harder if you don't have the skill.That person also needs to realize a Giraffe is Tier 3 the highest tier of tame,so that guy wanted a top tier pet in the first couple days of playing...sigh.

    Then the way he describes what HE wanted to be able to do is just laughable.he wanted to be able to BOLA the Giraffe while it is already down in a bola,so he wanted ZERO challenge,here just give it to me.

    Not in this thread but i read in another some player was saying that setting traps looks dumb and should not be in the game.I was like wtf is this guy smoking,so he thinks you should not have to trap large dangerous animals,umm yeah ok,door is over there.

    This is how so much anger gets spread,by people who should not be there in the first place and have no idea what they are doing or how game design should be done.I am all ears,i listen to ideas but these people are just talking nonsense.


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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