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VR would get WAY more pledge people (money), if...



  • XthosXthos Member UncommonPosts: 2,734
    People may not like their fund raising, but they seem to have been pretty honest about things so far.  If they were selling gear to provide funding, I wouldn't be as interested in the game, since it isn't supposed to be p2w/p2a.

    I am hoping with more funding they can speed up the timeline maybe by 6 months or a year, but only when its ready.

    They had a real small team for a long time, and it probably still is very small, compared to a lot of other companies.
  • LokeroLokero Member RarePosts: 1,514
    Mendel said:
    Kyleran said:
    Mendel said:
    They could do a lot of things if their goal was to raise money now, but it seems they're comfortable with their current funding. Unlike most crowdfunded games, they don't have a cash shop and aren't doing sales events every other week.

    They appear to actually be working on building their game and will reap the profits of their hard work at launch. Not trying to cash in now based on empty promises. 

    All that being said, this should make you want to pledge!
    VR/Pantheon has one or more private investors; their financial state is stable and well-funded.  A crowdfunded campaign, given their fiscal health, would seem as scammy and underhanded as competitive CF projects.

    I may not think much of the Pantheon product and its long term appeal, but I can appreciate how VR is going about funding/building their idea.  A game built the right way!  (They can use that for promotional purposes if they like).  Leave the cesspool to those that dwell there.

    Would it surprise you to know they have a fully fleshed out pledge web site with about 15 or more tiers players can buy in or upgrade to?

    In their November pledge drive (yep, they keep running them), they took a revolutionary approach,  they asked backers for funding of new hires and offered nothing in terms of a reward, outside of a "special" nameplate they can display in game.

    Even better, it will be designed by the artists which are hired from the funds, my guess it might say something like "My Meal Ticket" or other slogan of sincere appreciation.

    No, I'm not making this stuff, I'm no where nearly that "creative. "

    I wonder how this "news" escaped the staff here at MMORPG.com?


    They keep their indulgences of slimy business tactics well hidden, it seems.   That's the first I've seen this on MMORPG.com.  Thanks for the correction, @Kyleran.

    I'm gonna guess that the 'special' name will be in the form of "Benefactor_0093217".

    But seriously, if they have secure funding as they seem to keep boasting about, why do they need to stoop to more fundraising?  Maybe their funding isn't as bountiful and secure as they have tried to lead us to believe?  How many Angel Investors does it take to fuel this MMORPG development thing?
    Having a private investor doesn't mean that the investor is willing to foot the entire bill...

    I know it seems like when people hear a studio say that they have an investor there's some image of infinite financial backing.
    Without some kind of financial report, there's no telling how much that investor is actually covering.

    It could be as simple as that person offered to pay the rent on the building, but isn't covering staff salaries, etc.  There's simply no telling unless they give more detailed information... I doubt many studios would.

    You could hand them $100K and be an investor, but that certainly isn't going to get them to launch.
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