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Epic Games Store Now Matches Steam's Refund Policy - News



  • DrakenwDrakenw Member UncommonPosts: 9
    edited January 14
    No chance of me going to Epic games store for sure. Their leads are known to do quite a few things for the money and they are just riding fortnite in hopes of getting an additional income as they know they will NEVER make anything remotely as popular as fortnite.. And then i mean the BR version ofc. As the REAL fortnite died after release. Satm it is a Steam store without decent deals, low amount of games, no social features, there still are clouded clauses in the ToS and no third-party vendor key redeems (because lets be honest... Good bit of Steam games being bought arent fullpriced released games.. They either are on discount or you can find a cheaper Steamkey somewhere)
    For me i hope different stores get the hype and growth instead.. Even the Discord store deservese my respect more than this.

    You do understand, the 'cheaper steamkeys' you find, are normally grey market right ? You not going to get a game cheaper than the base store, without something shaddy going on.

    When you buy a steamkey, from some dodgy website, you are doing more harm to the devs, than good.
  • Gobstopper3DGobstopper3D Member RarePosts: 850

    Alverant said:

    Let's see how much they honor it. We already know businesses will lie on their refund page if it means more sales.

    Don't really think any court in the country would support them denying an otherwise duly-owed refund if the conditions for refund are clearly listed on the launcher or company's site and the customer qualified per those requirements.

    Saw some folks complaining about this trend of new launchers complain about the refund issue specifically and offer it as the reason they won't install any game not on Steam.  So, now that this is outta the way, will those folks give this launcher a go, or was it an excuse to bash on non-Steam launchers?  :o

    Epic launcher wasn't very consumer friendly and now they have taken a step in the right direction. I will give it 6 months or so and see where it's at with their policies and how things are going before I decide if I'm going to get anything via their launcher.

    I'm not an IT Specialist, Game Developer, or Clairvoyant in real life, but like others on here, I play one on the internet.

  • ChildoftheShadowsChildoftheShadows Member RarePosts: 1,153
    Knowing the developer gets more money, I will purchase the same game from their first regardless of who it is. It's just the better thing to do.

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