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11 January Live Stream Recap

jahlonjahlon Member UncommonPosts: 388
edited January 2019 in Ashes of Creation
Friday 11 Jan 2019 Intrepid Studios hosted another Live Stream in order to update the community on the progress across several fronts.  Joining Steven Sharif and Jeffrey Bard was Margaret Krohn, the new Community Marketing Lead at Intrepid.

Contrary to the public belief, Margaret is not the new Community Manager.  A new Community Manager is inbound to Intrepid, and that person will handle the day to day communications between Intrepid and the Community.  Margaret is going to be handling the big picture community building.

Since the CM Job is vacant at this time, she has been filling in as a hard charger.   This week we have already seen more news than we've ever had,

A two-part Q&A Session with new answers from the boss (>;

Testing Blog with Known Issues and Testing Goals

Night Patch Notes from the Friday Patch

and a Bug Reporting Form which makes this feel like more legitimate testing

We have found out that while the webpage is still limping along and there are no forums back yet, the username and password recovery is functional, and a new web page design team has been brought on to try to fix these issues.

We did get an environmental preview of  Siege mode

For the full Stream you can check it out on twitch:

For my full review you can check out this video:



  • GaladournGaladourn Member RarePosts: 1,812
    Has there been any news on the MMO progression status? I'm a bit worried.
  • hyllyhhyllyh Member UncommonPosts: 459
    ok, just focus on BR shit thing and see if we can do more $$
    mmo , what mmo?
    hype goes to zero
  • jahlonjahlon Member UncommonPosts: 388
    Galadourn said:
    Has there been any news on the MMO progression status? I'm a bit worried.

    Yes, there was on Dec 13 we had a MMORPG update livestream

    The MMORPG is set to go into testing in Q2 - 2019 and Intrepid says they still on schedule.  
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