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Have I been banned from flagging?

DakeruDakeru Member EpicPosts: 3,796
So over the years I flagged a lot of spambots and the likes and I noticed that for a while now my flagging has gone unanswered.
Just recently I flagged someone for randomly copying posts and reposting them as his own and I felt something was obviously off.

Surely enough a day later he had edited all of his posts and filled them to the brim with links for porn sites and dubious 3rd party stuff.
Again I flagged him and again nothing happened.
All of his posts and the shady links are still there and he continues to post.

At the same time I see other people getting banned instantly.

So have I been added to an ignore list for flagging?
If so just tell me so and I will stop wasting my time trying to keep this forum clean.
Harbinger of Fools


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