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Basic Arcana class explained for beginners

stayontargetstayontarget Member RarePosts: 6,519

Velika: City of Wheels: Among the mortal races, the humans were the only one that never built cities or great empires; a curse laid upon them by their creator, Gidd, forced them to wander as nomads for twenty centuries...


  • FlyByKnightFlyByKnight Member EpicPosts: 3,967
    DMKano said:
    Having major Devilian flashbacks.

    You would. :D 

    RIP Trino though and Happy Holidays
    "As far as the forum code of conduct, I would think it's a bit outdated and in need of a refre *CLOSED*" 

  • IzkimarIzkimar Member UncommonPosts: 568
    DMKano said:
    Having major Devilian flashbacks. Did they have to make the gui so damn similar?
    This is what happens when you have the same group of devs going from one studio to another studio in Korea for every game launch....

    Notice the angle of the circular pattern on the floor.... almost identical, heck the size of the circular floor is almost identical.

    Not even going to talk about the overlay map - it's identical - like they reused the same code (not talking about in-game zones - talking about the gui for the overlay map)
    The game takes A LOT from A LOT of games. The game is like a smorgasbord of features from so many games spanning so many genres. The game doesn't even play remotely close to Devilian. 
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