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Try this awsome new FREEMMORPG

XisGoDXisGoD Member Posts: 12

you guys should check out TurfBattles ( http://www.TurfBattles.com ) its on his early stages right now version 1.0.3. but the game has great potential. pvp pve pet raising comunity is nice. there is lots of things to do. a little bit like Knights Online but much much better its realy worth a try. till now it got no ratings here on mmorpg but im sure when you guys check it out and play it a bit give it a chance you will see how much fun it is for a FREE MMORPG yes its free. i know it can never stand up to all the mmorpgs you pay for. but for a free mmorpgs dis is defentliy the new big free mmorpg.

ps. right now you can only raise pets but there planning on where pets can also attack and where you can ride/fly them right now pets just give you exta bonus stats


  • theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

    its been out for a while, its an english port of sepiroth, or whatever it was


  • VH-PredatorVH-Predator Member Posts: 4

    Yeah, point and click and shytty


  • Problem_KidProblem_Kid Member Posts: 1
    it´s cool, but for free i have SilkRoad, its great
  • darkmaster21darkmaster21 Member Posts: 25
    I just finished registering so I hope that your right!http://images.mmorpg.com/images/emoticons/emt_bigsmile.gif

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  • xuinashaxuinasha Member Posts: 117
    already tried it, first hour of fighting left me  with words of:
    1.turfbattle does not help you on what to do.
    2. your on your own from the ebginning.
    3.bad spamming/affilte of chats and you cant resie it so you have 1/2 your screen blocked with spamming buyers.


  • RufiusRufius Member Posts: 2,031

    looks like an anime diablo hackNslash. I like the crisp graphics but, most free MMO's are botters paradise.

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  • GuthixGuthix Member Posts: 2

    blah like that guy said.

    too many cheaters and cows make things not fun

    i'll give it a try though.

  • tanminhtanminh Member Posts: 32
    uhmm games looks good, graphic looks good, wonder y i never heard of it before.
  • tanminhtanminh Member Posts: 32
    uhmm games looks good, graphic looks good, wonder y i never heard of it before.
  • MertezMertez Member Posts: 19
    I do agree that SilkRoad is a better MMO' and it is growing likke crazy....lol, i saw the rating on it one day, and on the next it wnt up to an 7.8 to an 8.0!!! AWSOME GAME!

    Mertez Aad

  • ArtaiosArtaios Member UncommonPosts: 550
    bad gfx ,lags, no thx

  • miakamaoyukimiakamaoyuki Member Posts: 3
    Ever  since lineage 2 arrived there have been countless games identical to this one. gate to heaven, silk road, dragon raja...... the list would go on for a long time. I mean yeah if I have countless hours to waste then fine but this type of game is old news. 

  • Dru72Dru72 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 57
    I played TurfBattles for a while, in my opinion forget it, the game is good for a while but too many cheaters ruined it. I also found with this game the grind seems neverending,all too easy to get bored :(

  • moxuout2moxuout2 Member Posts: 96

    Yeah i played turfbattles right when it started into open beta, only problem i had was when me and some other players were getting strong enof to kill admins. Each week they would nerf our classes and totally fuck up our builds, i had to respec maybe 30 times. And when we won the first turf battle 5 on 30 the game admins starting helping the biggest clan "black legion". Im not sure if they are still around but i kind of got tired of the admins following me around nerfing spawn points that i would use to power level people and level myself.

    Overall the game was extreamly curropt sence admins clearly helped one clan over the other. And when i said something about it the admin on at the time was surely glad enof to take away my channel shells so i could not speak:) But when he broke there own rules about having to give a warning befor doing certain actions they were not willing to go back to censor there admins. Ask the admins about Ourselves, thats me, they hated me and at one point they didn't like how i had half the populatoins on the servers farming bosses for xp durring a boss event. That was attually fun haveing 50 people there rising agaist the admins to get xp sence they are doing everything in there power to lower xp gain so you have to buy xp scrolls from there stores.

    If you see Narish in the game tell him Ourselves says hi, and for most players its always good to duel log the game get 2 accounts and have a spell buffer bot <--- was the 2nd person on server with one and first to use in turf battles to kill "Black Legion" Go me!

  • Dru72Dru72 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 57

    I'm not going to dignify a proper response here, I will say though that this crap shouldnt have been mentioned here, ok you have an opinion, I respect that. I was there the day that "supposedly" happened. The whole story still remain untold though out of respect for certain individuals.

    Ex member of Black Legion now reformed into another clan

  • moxuout2moxuout2 Member Posts: 96

    I could care less if you talk about me so go right ahead, but it was true that admins were helping certain members of the black legion. Was known for a while from many diffrent players, and im surprized anyone still remebers that happening or to even care enof to post.

    So who were you in Turf battles maybe you can remind me so i know who im talking to. I just hope you wernt that one red mage, he did talk alot of smack:P

  • xela666xela666 Member Posts: 22
    i downloaded turd battels ang IT DIDNT WORK ITS GAY IT LOOKED GD ASD WELL
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