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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem :TB2 and new trailer



  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread Member EpicPosts: 7,146
    Scorchien said:
    Scorchien said:
    Scorchien said:
    I said it had a playabe alpha , and have always stressed that is in testing and that one should wait if they did not want take part in testing .. ive said it dozens of times .. Its very simple really
    And I'm not challenging that part of what you are saying. Just a few posts up you said:

    "Melee feels great, very responsive and impactful , as does magic .. Ranged still needs some attention , Ive submitted my feedback on that ...
    I really feel a better balance overall in the Umbra/Rage mechanics "

    And I strongly disagree with what you say here. I think you are giving it WAY more credit than it deserves at this point. The FEEL of the game is still not ready in my opinion. 

    I will say that I'm obnoxiously picky about gameplay, but even so, this one is not near ready when it comes to gameplay. IMO.

    Ive been testing it since the first alpha , of course i would feel very disticnt differences in systems .

                 And in each build some systems have been dialed back .. I see you like to cherry pick .. Not a good look .. All my thoughts on each build and recomendations are there for anyone to read ..

      And as i said  some systems will not be in TB2 like the Passive tree(a very uniquie spin they have put on theres) .. have you tested it to be able to judge it , or the housing ,and synergies.. I have , alot were you there 2 years ago to know and feel the difference in the Umbra/rage system ..
      I was and have given feedback the entire time to the devs , i spend more time testing games these days than playing them (gotta change that :)
    Yeah, I actually like that you like the game as much that you do. I just didn't (and don't) agree with you when you said it was ok for people to buy it (in a terrible state IMO). And in my opinion, it is still in a terrible state. I don't like watching someone try and convince people that something is more ready than it is just because they like the idea of a game.
    To be fair ive always stressed its in good Alpha state( and i lead that post with ver 5.1, with a direct link from devs that includes all issues and state of game  .. of testing . if someone does not know what an alpha and testing is and goes expecting a complete game .. well then .. shame on them ..

     I also said in the same thread directly above waht you cherry picked ..

    " Its fun , but if you arent interested in testing mechainics , and want the entire story ..hold out , you wont be disapointed"

    I mean... I can't disagree with that. We definitely have a different perspective on the game. But I think it would be shitty of me to accuse you of dishonesty about the project. I don't think you are dishonest. I never have. I just disagree about the state of the game and am still wondering whether or not they can deliver on the promise (which if they do, I will be extremely happy). 

    But like I said. I just can't buy into this one, mostly because of how shitty I view this progress and communication. This patch is the decider for me.
  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 7,368
    New Dev Q&A , lots of great info , as they have closed out TB2 and head to Beta ...

  • boris20boris20 Member UncommonPosts: 391
    Ive stepped my foot in the door every 5 months or so. Yes progress is slower then Id hope for, but I feel this will end up being a great game. They are not rushing garbage out the door, and have a solid foundation they are building upon. This will be my next big ARPG that ill be sinking time into when its complete. 
  • NycteliosNyctelios Member EpicPosts: 3,817
    edited December 2018
    Devs from Pantheon should look and learn how to build an outstanding material library. Look at those textures, holy moly, my inner designer is having aestheticrgasm.

    edit: misspell
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  • phoenixfire2phoenixfire2 Member UncommonPosts: 150
    Bought this recently.  Definitely keeping an eye on it, seems very promising.  Worried about how they'll monetize though.  I believe it's from a Russian developer.
  • JeffSpicoliJeffSpicoli Member EpicPosts: 2,849
    This game looks fantastic, Is it worth buying in its current state ?
    • Aloha Mr Hand ! 

  • phoenixfire2phoenixfire2 Member UncommonPosts: 150
    thunderC said:
    This game looks fantastic, Is it worth buying in its current state ?
    It's honestly more like a demo than a game at this point.  It's a ~6 month old partial alpha build from what I've read.  That said, it's 15 bucks and you can expect to get about 5-10 hours out of what is basically the equivalent of 1 act from something like D3/PoE.  I bought it just to throw a few cents into the development bin, because as you said, it does look great.
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