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Where are you finding new music?



  • Viper_ArchViper_Arch Member CommonPosts: 3
    I usually look over YouTube Music app - there are only music videos without the other video content stuff :)
  • bangingemoutbangingemout Member CommonPosts: 2
    Let me put you to this cartoon virtual rapper, Knotty! He also has a game streaming channel.

  • OudorldonOudorldon Member CommonPosts: 4
    apple music and my friends
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  • Amzoun95Amzoun95 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    edited February 14
    Daily mixes usually contain familiar music with a bit of new songs. However, the top charts on Browse are usually a good way to see what’s trending. 

    See: , ,
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  • Gabriel679Gabriel679 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 15
    MVP news, sometimes i check the single youtube channels too, i also follow music pages, and i do keep my eyes on apknite, spotify, Vchannel, etc chartattack.
  • bentenelevenbenteneleven Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    Just browsing on youtube.
  • Andrew_BrownAndrew_Brown Newbie CommonPosts: 4
    edited March 1
    Most of time I'm using my apknite music list in spotify to find new .mp3 files. For music video, youtube seem to be many people's  first choice, so do I.
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  • davidzieglerdavidziegler Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    youtube is the best one for me. Depends on style of course. For example recent I found cool song, it was play background of garbage disposal reviews here Now I have it on repeat :p
  • Franz123Franz123 Newbie CommonPosts: 6
    Youtube. :)
  • JamesReyesJamesReyes Newbie CommonPosts: 6
    Youtube is one, but not the only. I also use search engines for the good music websites.
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