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A review of Shadowbane

DerwoodDerwood Member Posts: 25
This should be a sticky.  It is much better review of the game than all that other nonsense.  I have only played the game to level 15m so I can not comment about the higher levels, But I agree with all of the comments he made about the game graphics and game play.


  • brihtwulfbrihtwulf Member UncommonPosts: 975

    Thanks.  I try to be as straight-forward as possible.  The game COULD be really good if they just worked harder on the features and gameplay.



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  • DerwoodDerwood Member Posts: 25



    edit: main is lvl 52 now, and I still think this is a good post.

  • ZoharZohar Member Posts: 673
    Very nice review, maybe Admin should check this out =)

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  • ThomazThomaz Member Posts: 1

    I dont think this should be a stickie because it is just his opinion.

    heres my comments to your review.

    RP= Rping was really good in the guild i was in. (VA on Death) Everyone was very friendly, and we even had our own language and ways. Thanks to that we got an event, which was fun :) Anyway, we were all Irekei, we didnt really have big disadvantages, except we didnt have much fighters. But we were still RPing, and having fun :) (We did have to ally with another guild cause of our disadvantages, but we only helped eachother with sieges.)

    About the XPing, it has fun! it isnt safe like other games, which only makes it more fun :). VA ruled the whole desert, so we had all the XP camps for ourselves. And if you didnt join us, you would be killed.
    You just HAD to be in a guild to properly play this game.
    And PVP was BIG fun! the best PVP ive ever seen in a game. with 2 r5 stealth casters you could take out a full group of r5 XP'ers which was FUN :D :D

    I have no idea why everyone is so negative about this game :-S i didnt have lag (just some lag spikes, which occured like once a day), while i live in Europe and played on an American server.

    just my 2 cents

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