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Wargaming Hosting Army-Navy Game Viewing Parties Around the Globe - MMORPG.com News

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126
edited December 2018 in News & Features Discussion

imageWargaming Hosting Army-Navy Game Viewing Parties Around the Globe - MMORPG.com News

In celebration of this year's Army-Navy football game on December 8th, Wargaming is inviting active duty members and veterans to join them for viewing parties around the world. In Philadelphia, veterans can join the team at the South Philly Bar and Grill. All that is required is to sign up and request an invitation. Active duty members at US military installations around the world will also see Wargaming-hosted events on game day.

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  • SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126
    I love this. :) Pretty cool, Wargaming!

    GO NAVY!


  • Gobstopper3DGobstopper3D Member RarePosts: 878
    As a Navy vet myself, I will be pulling for Navy!

    I'm not an IT Specialist, Game Developer, or Clairvoyant in real life, but like others on here, I play one on the internet.

  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,068
    Go Army.

    EQ1, EQ2, SWG, SWTOR, GW, GW2 CoH, CoV, FFXI, WoW, CO, War,TSW and a slew of free trials and beta tests

  • sayuusayuu Member RarePosts: 754
    As an Army Vet all I can say is they better beat them blasted Swabbies!!
  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 7,315
    Nice , the South Philly Bar is very near me , i may drop in and check it out
  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,546
    If i am not mistaken this is a Russian owner?
    I find it hard to understand why this guy would be all over the military idea often using it in his marketing approach.
    I can say very confidently the Russian federation of military type people do not like anything USA military,yet often kind of deploy that strategy in their marketing,often including charities.
    Of course that is a whole other topic of which i just watched a documentary on the whole Chicago scene from back in the 60-80's about charity and government funding.A quick say so because i feel we should be reminded,i do not trust a single charity on the planet,not one bit but hey they paint a brilliant marketing picture that sure looks nice.

    Back on this Wargaming operation,their games are imo very shallow,they need a 5x makeover to bring them up to where i would say FUN and playable.Then again i see millions playing and claiming fun in moba's and ARPG's,so there seems to be an awful lot of superficial gamer's who claim literally anything is FUN,including watching paint dry,of which i know because i just did some painting ..sigh.

    I could not give any of Wargaming's games even a passing score of 5,i'll leave it at that or some fanbois will come in screaming calling me an idiot if i mentioned the score i would give them.BTW yes i have played their games,well tried them and very quickly got bored.


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
    A game publisher in Belarus is hosting a world wide celebration of an American football game between two of America's military branches?   Interesting.
    "I used to think the worst thing in life was to be all alone.  It's not.  The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  Robin Williams
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