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i have no patience for mmorpg's anymore....



  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,380
    Most things that people like have their season, become passe, and then return again. 

    EQ1, EQ2, SWG, SWTOR, GW, GW2 CoH, CoV, FFXI, WoW, CO, War,TSW and a slew of free trials and beta tests

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 28,614
    Scolioz said:
    I can't get into playing MMORPG's anymore..  back in the days.. Asherons call 1, EQ 1, even early World of Warcraft. I could play for hours..

    Now it just feels like meaningless work..  I feel bad for all you kids who were not around in the golden age of MMORPG's...  UO, AC, EQ...….  

    sucks for you.  gg.

    I happen to love movies from the '30's. But in truth, not many "young" people "now" would really love movies from the '30's.

    Let alone ...

    Talk to someon who grew up on movies from the 30's and suddenly they experience movies from the 70's and don't like them "sucks to you who didn't experience the golden age of cinema ... "

    Rinse repeat.

    Insisiting the things you like are so awesome that they make everything else pale in comparison is pretty narrow minded.

    And I'm sure all the "grind" of some of those games might feel like meaningless work for other people as well. People are a product of their times. Doesn't mean they won't find appreciation for things older or eventually newer but they will have a certain place in their hearts for the things that help form/mold their initial tastes.

  • Cybersig211Cybersig211 Member UncommonPosts: 139
    MMORPG games were really the first social online game type to get big, and sort of ushered in the social online gaming era.  I liked RPG games a lot prior so it was a great entry.  Problem is, mmorpgs need to be designed a certain way, and then there was the appeal to the masses where it was a watered down RPG.

    Ive seen it all, done it all with mmorpgs.  I know exactly how the game will play out from the start.  From mmorpgs i liked the progression, farming when the combat was fun, and gear acquisition...ARPG games just do that so much better, and now there are a few ARPG online games so dealing with clearing out famers fields of enemies, dealing with long quest chains, then dealing with the endgame gear loop thats predictable...doesnt interest me.  I HAVE OPTIONS NOW.

    There were no options for the first generation of mmorpgs, even second generation.

    MMORPGS died when pvp was branched off into MOBA games, CO-OP online games started popping up.  Hell even the whole quest spam thing is done better by games like farcry and bethesda games.

    The old first generation mmorpg concept of difficult progression gated by time and endgame that was overly complex raids can all be had elsewhere done better, the themepark mmorpg had all its mini games branched off into their own games.  All of which much easier to make, cheaper to make and be profitable, and offered a better experience.

    Eventually there will be a nostalgia mmorpg made with modern tech, but its too soon and blizzard will probably do it with wow anyway.  MMORPGS need a huge community to be worth a damn anyway.  Plus the whole concept of online socialization isnt what it use to be, people are barraged with ways to socialize online, so doing so in a game isnt exactly new and exciting like it use to be.

    You had fun with those old games but really the game itself wasnt all that great, it just provides a means to have fun with others online vs playing alone, which was the norm prior to first gen mmorpgs.  Now its nothing special.  It will never be like it once was when the concept was new and exciting.
  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Member EpicPosts: 2,380
    When I was younger, I could game for hours and hours and it was an absolute blast and I never felt bad about it.  I played games like Baldur's Gate II, EVE Online, Age of Conan and others well into the early hours of the morning on a daily basis.

    Now that I'm 40, I find that if I play games for more than a couple of hours, then I'm not particularly happy about it.  There's only so many boxes I can open, so many thingamawhatsits I can college for soulless NPC's and only so many people I can hack, shoot, immolate and explode before I get bored with it.

    The biggest cures of my recent gaming habit, is getting about halfway into a game, and then getting bored with whatever I'm doing in it repetitively for hours on end.

    The older I get, the more I'm slowly moving more towards 4X games because every faction and every play-through provides its own set of unique circumstances and challenges that other games simply don't anymore.
  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,847
    edited November 2018
    I never enjoyed those earlier mmorpg's imo they were as bad as the new ones.I really only enjoyed FFXI,it was like the MUCH better version of the early builds but not entering into the realm of crap EQ2/Wow clones.

    Thing is likely about 95% of the current mmorpg population never played or knew ANYTHING other than non linear questing rpg's,all they knew was the first game they witnessed...WOW.So if you never played a DIFFERENT design,you wouldn't have any idea at all as to  what you are missing.

    Rather than play those EQ1's and AC and UO,i was playing the Quakes and Unreal games,imo way more fun and i love the idea of strategy in ANY kind of game environment and mmorpg;s had VERY little of that.That is why FFXI finally captured me ,new ideas and more ideas that MADE SENSE.
    Like open world gaming,instead of always in dungeons,REAL bosses in the open world with realistic spawn times,Biggest fail of older games and many new ones,ALTAHOLIC designs,NO THANKS.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • IsilithTehrothIsilithTehroth Member UncommonPosts: 566
    edited November 2018
    Scolioz said:
    I can't get into playing MMORPG's anymore..  back in the days.. Asherons call 1, EQ 1, even early World of Warcraft. I could play for hours..

    Now it just feels like meaningless work..  I feel bad for all you kids who were not around in the golden age of MMORPG's...  UO, AC, EQ...….  

    sucks for you.  gg.

    Funny thing about this site, 99% of people would agree everything sucks in polls, yet their words, they will disagree with you... It's like 1+1= 5 on this site, nothing adds up !
    Sure we all want a great mmorpg with risks vs rewards, indepth character building, ect. However most people clamouring for a grindfest mmorpg like EQ would quit about it and complain because they really don't want that. They want something new and unique. Something that takes alot of time and depth to achieve your in game character, but at the same time not feel like a chore or just filler so you can get to end game(Which there aren't any mmos like that).

    For me an ideal mmorpg would have all parts equal: from the pvp and pve to the crafting and exploring. I'd prefer a skill based system rather than leveling with risk vs rewards to make the game meaningful. I am partial to fps style combat and open world pvp with territory control and full loot. I am very much a pvp player, unforunately I don't want to pvp 24/7.

    I'd like to also see free range farming(archeage), a community feifdom/caste system(chronicals of elyria), build anywhere(SWG,Wurm online)amazing pve and dungeons(none really accomplished the level i'd like to see).

    Sandbox content like treasure hunting, cartography(no in game maps except player and terrible npc ones where explorers are truly rewarded), mini games tied to things like harvesting/crafting to help the best players stand out.

    However no mmorpg even comes close to what I'd like to see, they either excel at one thing and severely lack in another.

    The thing is we all expected the genre to develop and grow , however I personally blame WoW for that. It stopped all growth in the genre until the genre died because they all tried to emulate WoW and people were tired of playing it and it's clones.


  • ScoliozScolioz Member UncommonPosts: 110
    I only play DOTA2
  • lokiboardlokiboard Member UncommonPosts: 229
    Life is too short.  Go live it before its too late. Cowabunga!!!!!!
  • augustinhomeaugustinhome Member CommonPosts: 1
    Everything in life is a cycle. MMORPG will be great again.
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