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One full round of Shadow Arena (aka Battle Royale)

MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,194
YouTuber FluffyQuack posted a video from the Black Desert Lab Test Server of the new Battle Royale mode. 

This is playable right now in the Lab version (although only at very specific times each day), and yup, they actually added a Battle Royale mode to BDO.

The match starts at 2:00 in the video. Before then the game is waiting for enough players to join up, but I included the waiting part as it's fun to jump around as the black sprit.

This is how the mode works:
- You start as a small black spirit with some insane mobility options.
- You need to find a body to possess (they're usually around the big black orbs).
- You have no skills and no gear. You need to kill mobs and destroy treasure chests to get gear and to unlock skills.
- Each player has only one life and if you kill a player you can take all of their gear. Last man standing wins.
- As with most Battle Royale games, the playing field is a circle which keeps getting smaller.
- If you die, you can spectate rest of the match as a black spirit.


  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 40,226
    It is an interesting take on the BR format, points for showing some creativity

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  • GutlardGutlard Member RarePosts: 1,019
    I hope they get Superhero costumes!

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