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Time Keeps on Ticking



  • AmarantharAmaranthar Member EpicPosts: 4,190
    edited November 2018
    Wizardry said:
    Well the only legit game i can think of that is/was  a slow grind that wasn't to to aid in selling cash shop items,is FFXI.Levels went slow so you felt like gear was not a temp,standby waste of time.Then because of so many classes your items/gear were still retained for future times.Your character had a VERY long career of advancing via being able to utilize every single class on the same character and mix n matching.
    Sadly even FFXI was ruined by corporate greed and became a much faster leveling experience.

    Most every other game is a one of altaholic game,meaning early levels are forever forgotten,they no longer mean anything to your character.The FFXI design meant you actually did not need much new content for years,where as these other games,,you can see why they make expansions every 12 months.

    Every single one of these games have become END GAME,nobody cares about the rest of the game and nothing other than those end game dungeons matter either,you play that zone once,cya later forever.You do NOT do LAZY fixes by scaling the content,that ruins immersion,the world has zero identity then,just becomes a bunch of computer code that changes the mobs.

    I totally agree, wholeheartedly, on your last comment about world identity and immersion.
    Changing things to fit the character just seems so cheap and lacking in accomplishment. It's like blue ribbons for last place, equal to blue ribbons for first place.

    I half expect an e-mail someday with a congratulatory "you're reached level 60!" in a game I never played, along with an invite to their cash shop. 

    Once upon a time....

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