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November Release

Turbine stated publically on the LOTRO website that they would be releasing the game in November. Just in time for Christmas sales kiddies!

Whats funny is they JUST entered pre-alpha testing. Hmmm 6-7 months to alpha, beta and make any necessary changes. Wow that sounds like a company more committed to quality, polish and their customers than the bottom line.....NOT.

This game is going to flop bigger than AC2 and now DDO. Watching Turbine at work is like watching a huge firey train wreck. Its horrible to see but then again you just cant tear your eyes away from the carnage either.

I cant wait to see them hauling the office furniture out of their bankrupt offices.


  • AthelaAthela Member Posts: 492

    Hmmm how will I divide my time between LOTR, Vanguard and probably Tabula Rasa come November.  Kinda dicey.  Plus Neverwinter Nights 2 in September.  Wish I could quit my day job.

    I think the screen shots that have been released look great.  I thought I read someplace a "near finished" LOTR would be shown at E3. 

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