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Lotro Legendary server to launch this Thursday at Noon!



  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,369
    Dakeru said:
    Hashbrick said:
    kizan0601 said:
    Title says it all, the new progression style server goes live Thursday! Looking forward to reliving the experience from the beginning and the influx of peeps it will bring while leaving the f2p trolls and enjoying a better /world chat, although I'm sure there will be some just not as many.
    Please explain this progression server...I'm Unaware !  

    Before I go investigating will it: 
    -be 5 year old like easy like retail ?.... If so I'm not interested.  
    -Will the cash shop be dropped?... if not I'm not interested.  
    -Will it be vanilla, or is it a cheap gimmick like SOE played with EQ2 about two years ago ! 

    Is it the standard trick ?
    Your kind is not welcome please stay away.  Those who want to progress and enjoy the old community will appreciate it.  Thanks!
    As a day one veteran I got nothing but the middle finger for you buddy.  You weren't part of the community because if you were you'd accept people open handily, you are the one who is not welcomed.

    Also this server is nothing like the old days and never will be. Dream on... dream on...
    I'm a nasty person for not wanting a Cash Shop scam !!!!

    I'm a really bad because The game turned into 5 year old easy. 

    So go ahead and get sucked into their marketing trick to pull in money fast... It's all temporary :)  

    If they had any credibility they would make a Vanilla, but that's out because its "all about the cash shop to them".
    The one guy who is defending you and you quote him of all people.

    sorry I fixed that, 
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