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Auto - class project

Hiya, haven't been on here in a while, and I can't seem to find anything on one of my projects im doing in my auto-brake systems class i've taken...

I'm doing a project on Brake systems, and the history of how brakes were(and worked) since the 1940's to present, and I can't seem to find a timeline on the internet on this.

If any of you know of any good sites for this then I would be happy because its due May 10th and its almost 5000 words i have to do.

Thanks, even if you can't find anything or know about any sites..




  • zorothezzorothez Member Posts: 83

    brakes eh?....

    dunno, i havent seen anything while doing my school work (you know that 5 mins you do while your parents are watching then you quickly play a game... ::::01::)

    i guess i could look for something if i have some spare time. Right now im doing some work on VB (visual basic, i know there are better programming languages but thats wut were usin in school)

    ill get back to you if i find anything

  • Levithian_66Levithian_66 Member Posts: 143

    Okay thanks, i studied visual basics in class, unfortanately all I did was fool around and i failed it :)

  • Levithian_66Levithian_66 Member Posts: 143

    Also, i'm not just looking for the history of brakes, but also the history of the tire, and the evolution of the tire and rim, if anyone can help

  • Swafdawg23Swafdawg23 Member Posts: 390
    check out might have something on there..its a pretty cool website!

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  • noname12345noname12345 Member Posts: 2,267 probably has stuff on it too.

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  • LeesusLeesus Member Posts: 183
    Just find write ups on how old brakes systems work, then describe how they evolved into new break systems. Make sure to include racing breaks too, would make for some good content.

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