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Why don't more sandbox/open world MMOs like Ashes of Creation add PVE servers?



  • uotowndrunk2uotowndrunk2 Member UncommonPosts: 25
    AoC deves have said that they there won't have pve servers because pvp is needed for the world to change. With no PvP = No Node wars = No change in the world. Will stay the same, Same dungeons same world bosses same events etc etc.

    I Never liked pvp but I get there point... Pvp i AoC is needed. If you want changes in the world.
    I understand where you are coming from, certainly I do. The ASH devs could certainly figure out a way to solve the problem for a PVE version.

    The chances are the real reason is more likely lack of resources, staff, and they are aiming for a specific niche of the global player-base.

    Personally, I want my PVE Sandbox with Realm Vs. Realm, until then, there are certainly other titles out there for me to invest my time in. ASH seems like a great title for those who want the type of play style being offered and I am sure most the subscribed player-base will love it.

    Bottom line, ASH devs can develop what they think will bring in the bacon or loyal player-base, but for one player looking for new game to be excited about, my money will stay in my bank.
  • ErevusErevus Member UncommonPosts: 122
    edited October 2018
    "So why not give PvP an option like it is in SWG, or VERY safe areas like in EVE? Why force pvp to those who don't want it? Sure EVE PvP can happen anywhere, but its far safer and that works too where danger is everywhere. I only ever got pvped when I left high sec to go to nullsec (which btw, nullsec in EVE is the safest areas in the game funny enough, low-sec is very dangerous, but barely anyone in nullsec when I played)"

    Because PvPers (no-lifers) are the ones who's rushing MMOs (biggest spenders) to become quickly powerful and so they can reach the (their) endgame which is eternal ganking.

    "Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom. (Death)”
    ― Terry Pratchett,

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