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What are some of the greatest game trailers of all time?



  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,362

    Though I know Meridian was actually the 1st if I remember right (or was it The Realm Online?), and MUDs before that.
    Neverwinter Nights first graphical mmorpg and Legends of Future Past the first text mmorpg 


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  • rodingorodingo Member RarePosts: 2,870

    Being the Star Wars junkie that I am... I really wish/hope that Disney would pick up on this character and story line.  They could even use the same actor.  /shrug

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  • NeoyoshiNeoyoshi Member UncommonPosts: 158
    edited September 2018
    The 2017 version of the Greatest Devil May Cry 3 trailer of it's time.

    Here's the Original:

    Although i really do find some appreciation in the newer stuff.

  • blood_thirstblood_thirst Member UncommonPosts: 21
  • NeoyoshiNeoyoshi Member UncommonPosts: 158

  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 10,211
    klash2def said:
    SWTOR / BLUR hands down... ESO was pretty good too.

    Edit: since somebody already posted the swtor one

    Every time watch any of the ESO trailers, I want to dust off my double daggers and two hander.
  • AlBQuirkyAlBQuirky Member EpicPosts: 6,250
    Lots of cool trailers filling me with sweet, dramatic eye candy ;)

    While I enjoy good CGI trailers, they never "sell me" on the games. I actually have a perverse reaction and wonder, "Why are they NOT showing actual gameplay? Is it so awful?"

    One thing a trailer needs to do, in my opinion, is get players interested in an upcoming game. Some trailers fail to do this.

    I don't put much stock in them and don't watch a lot of them. I'm the player that rarely buys a game on release day, preferring to "wait and see." But they certainly can be fun to watch :)

    - Al

    Personally the only modern MMORPG trend that annoys me is the idea that MMOs need to be designed in a way to attract people who don't actually like MMOs. Which to me makes about as much sense as someone trying to figure out a way to get vegetarians to eat at their steakhouse.

  • XasapisXasapis Member RarePosts: 6,337
    edited September 2018
    Well, trailers are nice if you want something to show in a booth big screen these days. Beyond that, they aren't a very productive use of resources.

    Take for example the latest Death Stranding trailer. My interest in that game hasn't changed one bit, either positively or negatively. Some gameplay footage certainly would. Still, it probably looks good on a big screen somewhere.
  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004
    FFXIV:ARR, there have been numerous trailers for it, but i think this is the best one by far.
  • jimmywolfjimmywolf Member UncommonPosts: 274
    these are top 3 i can remember of top my head that i enjoyed 

    simple made you feel it the end  of world

    this one i enjoyed a lot because everyone want to be the hero, you play games were you always win kill 1000 bad guys an save the girl, i felt i was the father here trying be the hero and it all fell apart... 

    this one i enjoyed because i played WC3 and felt arthas was a good villain. if things just went different he would be a hero but he slowly lost himself on a quest for power to stop a darkness he himself slow became.

  • kitaradkitarad Member EpicPosts: 5,955
    edited September 2018
    I cannot choose there are so many and the ones put here are also some of my favourites.

    Saw no Dawn of War ones adding that too to this impressive list

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  • UtinniUtinni Member EpicPosts: 1,907
    swtor pretty easily. those trailers are better than most of the movies.
  • Gobstopper3DGobstopper3D Member RarePosts: 878
    Hard to choose since there are so many, but from WoW it's an in-game cinematic.  SPOLIER:  if you haven't done the alliance side and don't want a story spoiler then don't watch this:

    From the witcher 3 it has to be this one: 


    I'm not an IT Specialist, Game Developer, or Clairvoyant in real life, but like others on here, I play one on the internet.

  • LowellsandersLowellsanders Member UncommonPosts: 134
    Call of Duty has had some good trailers over the years. I think this one is my favorite...

    Its my favorite as well
  • JamesGoblinJamesGoblin Member RarePosts: 1,242
    @frostymug already linked it, but since it was under "also..." here it is again - this time as two videos in one:

  • StizzledStizzled Member RarePosts: 1,979
    If only it hadn't been total shit...

  • VestigeGamerVestigeGamer Member UncommonPosts: 518
    I really enjoyed Wildstar's first trailer. It got me interested in the game. Unfortunately, as it developed, I saw it not a game I'd enjoy.


  • Gobstopper3DGobstopper3D Member RarePosts: 878
    @frostymug already linked it, but since it was under "also..." here it is again - this time as two videos in one:

    Loved that game.  Devs had a bias for destruction side.  Having played both sides, it clearly showed for me.

    I'm not an IT Specialist, Game Developer, or Clairvoyant in real life, but like others on here, I play one on the internet.

  • markost22markost22 Member UncommonPosts: 60
    edited June 2019
    most trailer of games are very successful whether graphically or aesthetically everything is beautiful but they are sometimes very misleading and once the game buy you realize that it is not worth it, it's art to sell.

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