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Monthly Poll, whats your favorite AAA+ MMO?

Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,686

the question is asked to many times..
but with time the answers keep changing..
whats your current favorite MMO?
set in the post Everquest era...

Best MMO experiences : EQ(PvE), DAoC(PvP), WoW(total package) LOTRO (worldfeel) GW2 (Artstyle and animations and worlddesign) SWTOR (Story immersion) TSW (story) ESO (character advancement)

here is the poll
  1. Name your favorite current AAA+ MMO47 votes
    1. WoW
    2. EQ2
    3. SWTOR
    4. LOTRO
    5. GW2
    6. FF14
    7. ESO
    8. BDO
    9. Non of the Above


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 21,988
    What is AAA+?
  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,244
    edited September 2018
    Of those listed it is EQ2 by a mile for me. I played for about 10 years. Loved all but about the final year I played it. 

    Since it is post EQ you should include FFXI as well

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  • MikeBMikeB Community ManagerAdministrator RarePosts: 6,520
    SWTOR (a surprise, I'm sure!), but FF14 is a very close second.

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  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,815
    MikeB said:
    SWTOR (a surprise, I'm sure!), but FF14 is a very close second.
    I am the exact opposite. I enjoy both, but lean slightly to FFXIV
  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,815
    Quizzical said:
    What is AAA+?
    What ever you want it to be. It fits under "none of the above" category.
  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Member RarePosts: 1,645
    Asherons Call
  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 10,149
    edited September 2018
    Oh your favorite mmoRPG. 

    Y'all know me. This is one of a couple things that drive me nuts...
    mmo =/=mmorpg.

    People casually drop the rpg off of mmorpg and then wonder why they're being served mmo after mmo with no RPG.... 
  • frostymugfrostymug Member RarePosts: 641
    Current probably GW2, although I spend more time on emulators for games from bygone eras
  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,244
    DrunkWolf said:
    Asherons Call
    I think he means current mmorpgs 
    Otherwise AC would be mine as well =)

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  • AvanahAvanah Member RarePosts: 1,539
    Non of the Above. There are no current AAA+ MMOs. The last ones were EQ, UO. None have come close yet.

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  • TheocritusTheocritus Member EpicPosts: 7,577
    None of those games do it for me either......Some were good at one time, but in 2018 are not as good .
  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard Member LegendaryPosts: 8,164
    edited September 2018
    It's a tie between ESO and WoW.

    ESO has the best character development of any MMORPG beside UO, and WoW, despite the down-dumbing and constant class changes, has a production quality, polish and combat dynamism very few other games can match. Not to mention both games have two of the best art teams of the industry.

    I voted WoW because it's the one I've played the longest, but I don't see myself stopping ESO anytime soon either.

    One of the things that could make me stop both is the release of a AAA+ quality modern UO style sandbox MMORPG, with a state of the art 3D engine, and of course no "forced" PvP but optional like it was in UO.
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  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,686
    Quizzical said:
    What is AAA+?
    Quizzical said:
    What is AAA+?
    Highest quallity games both for ganeplay as graphics with a healthy playerbase..

    Best MMO experiences : EQ(PvE), DAoC(PvP), WoW(total package) LOTRO (worldfeel) GW2 (Artstyle and animations and worlddesign) SWTOR (Story immersion) TSW (story) ESO (character advancement)

  • GaladournGaladourn Member RarePosts: 1,810
    I'd vote for WoW if Classic was included
  • jerkbeastjerkbeast Member UncommonPosts: 253
    edited September 2018
    The Realm Online (www.realmserver.com) It just came back, and was out before UO...originally done by Sierra so it was made by a triple A company (for the time). Just started playing again, and addicted again. it's not massive again yet, but they finally made it free, and I love it. 

    (side note it definitely looks dated, but play a bit before you decide what you think)
  • RaquisRaquis Member RarePosts: 1,018
    edited September 2018
    Guild wars 2 was good they should make Guild wars 3 and World of Warcraft is good but its not worth the monthly subscription, Elders Scrolls Online is good but i never really could get into it.FFXIV is just fetch quests but nice dungeons the next MMO from them will be nice they had to rescue a crap broken game.
  • HatefullHatefull Member EpicPosts: 2,297

    If you want a new idea, go read an old book.

  • TEKK3NTEKK3N Member RarePosts: 1,109
    BDO, ESO, GW2 in that order.
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