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Planeshift: Explanation, Anyone?

TuutobTuutob Member Posts: 607
Alright, I was tracking this game with a solid gaze back in August and have since uuninstalled it and let it drift out of my mind. Now I am hearing soft whispers about it every once in a while and would like to know some things about it from someone who plays it:

1. Has it excelled greatly since August? It was pretty, eh, incomplete last time I played it, in example, some races only had one gender.

2. Are there a lot of people playing? I don't expect like 4,000 on each server or anything, but just enough to get a good group.

3. Are there features that set it apart? I have heard about the marriage and politics, but are they complete enough to sustain me while I am not playing World of Warcraft (currently looking for an alternative game to play while my friend levels)?

If anyone could answer these I would be very happy .


  • TuutobTuutob Member Posts: 607

  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194
    Man, that game is an experiment, I think it is the first open source MMORPG.
    The works have been going on forever.

    There is no real developing house behind it, it is just a cooperative of developers which contribute to the game during their spare time.
    This is a good game if you are a rookie developer who wants some practical excercise on the real thing.
    But for players, it is better not to get too excited about it, it will probably never be finished.

  • here is the sever state: http://laanx.fragnetics.com/

    you can see how many ppl are online.

    this will be the best free mmorpg. but by now, it's a litter boring. 'cause tons of things haven't been added, fixed,completed.

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