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making money online

patheospatheos Member Posts: 1,148

If its possible dont even pay attention to whos asking this because im not the person who gets sucked in or goes out and looks for "get rich quick" stuff. But are there any sites or anything on the internet (surveys or whatever it is) that accually work, or are real? I ask this out of boredom and curiosity. So if anyone has found a site that pays you a lot ( or maybe not even a lot ) thats real...i'd be curious to hear your story.

edit: HAHAHAHAHA omg...think about the topic im asking about....then take a look at my post count. Something supernatural is at work here, telling us something.



  • VideoJockeyVideoJockey Member UncommonPosts: 223
    There used to be some companies that paid you to look at advertisements while you browsed the internet ("pay2surf") sites, but that was like 8 years ago when internet advertising actually worked. I don't know of anything now that will make money online other than starting a business or some sort of entertainment like a webcomic. And of course there's farming game money, but getting a real job easily beats that as a source of income.
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