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Not liking Battle for Azeroth? Are you Alliance? Try...

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
Switching to Horde

Total game changer

And as a note, this is coming from someone who prefers alliance and has always been alliance.

Alliance barely turns on warmode and you get ganked by hordes of horde (guess name is fitting lol). Now that I'm horde I can leave warmode on and never have to worry about ganking (at least not nearly as much). Sometimes an alliance comes by and no horde of horde is around, but most of the time horde comes to help (which alliance doesn't help alliance more often than they do).

The mounts are vastly better and more creative. Not dozens of copy/paste horse model mounts from previous expansions and one or two things added...but the mounts are actually fun to collect and work toward. Now I am motivated to actually work toward something, which one thing is trying to get all the amazing horde mounts

At level 120, it feels vastly less grindy than it does alliance. This part I'm not entirely sure why. But with a week of being horde, I'm still not close to being bored...a week of being 120 on alliance made me unsubscribe. But luckily I tried horde before my sub was up and its actually keeping me subbed

The quality of horde content also seems a lot better than alliance content (this is especially true at 120, which could explain why it feels a lot more fun).

Horde in BFA is vastly better than alliance...not just how fun it is...but quality of horde content as well

So if you aren't liking BFA, and you are alliance, try switching to horde. the content is far better than alliance content. I'm actually having a lot of fun.

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  • laseritlaserit Member LegendaryPosts: 6,376
    edited September 2018
    Sometimes it just feels good to be bad ;)

    For the Horde!

    "Be water my friend" - Bruce Lee

  • MadFrenchieMadFrenchie Member LegendaryPosts: 8,505
    Additional reason to play Horde this week: Warfronts are auto-wins with 340+ gear rewards for each completion.  Only thing you can't get is rings/trinkets.

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