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A kinder, gentler EVE on the horizon?



  • QuarterStackQuarterStack Member UncommonPosts: 392
    edited September 2018
    Kyleran said:
    They have this "belief" that by making PVE less safe it will encourage players to PVP more.

    Perhaps in some situations or for some players, got me out to null sec however I suspect it drove a lot more folks off than encouraged.

    I think a better approach would have been to offer better or more unique rewards to null sec life to encourage players rather than bludgeon.
    Another misguided idea by CCP.

    If it's supposed to be "a sandbox" allowing for many playstyles, then PvE should be as encouraged and supported as PvP.

    They shouldn't be trying to "encourage" PvE players to PvP more if that's not what they want to do. That sounds to me like they know the PvE game is lacking, and so encouraging PvP is a good way to distract people from that fact.

    If you're providing a so-called sandbox environment to players, then you have to support and encourage all playstyles. Or don't call it a sandbox.

    High Security Space that isn't really secure, in a "Sandbox" where one playstyle is favored and promoted above others. CCP should stop using terms they don't understand.

    No wonder the population's been stagnating/dropping.
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