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I want to play Rohan Again

cheesymamoncheesymamon Member CommonPosts: 5
Hello, I just want to ask if the international  server of Rohan is okay? I want to play again. Thanks in Advance image


  • rohanlegacyrohanlegacy Member CommonPosts: 1
    • LEGACY - Interactive
    (Release Date july 30,2018)
    Historical Classic Server
    Personal High-ends Servers located in the SOUTH EAST ASIA
    Connection Partner with Converge ICT
    • Server Type : Semi PVP / PVE
    Daily Online players : 250+
    (Hero 3 with Trinity Class and skill Settings)
    • Ready to engage war on starting Gears
    Level Cap : 120
    • New Personalize Skills
    • Ranking : H.C.S
    • Costume Socket
    • Recycle 1 and 2
    • Mail Manager
    • Vengeance Reward
    • Badge Mall
    • Improve Pets
    • Free Gamepoints per mins for Active users.
    • Item Mall
    • Exchange Market
    • Redeem Section
    • Special Services
    • Relaxing Gathering Hall View
    for more info
    Visit our website :
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