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Watch this for 1 Million dollars! oh $nap! YES, it is true... learn more how I did it here and you W

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OhHhhh!!!! /snap!

Thank you!

Please do the needful and let's make thIs country better than ever before!

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I have NEVER played this game before but have developed something much better (with formulae, etc.). I am a complete noob!

Help me to win 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

I love this World but not all of the Warcraft.

Play games, not bomb.

Chase the rainbow and knot the violent one for me? Kiss them as the husband or wife coming from the future may be delayed.

I have arrived... w/ someone named Sue and Scooby Doobie DooO!

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    What on earth is this? O.o


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    What the....?

    거북이는 목을 내밀 때 안 움직입니다

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