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eq2 vs wow

for starters let me state that i have played both games and almost every game on mmorpg.com to date.  both games are generally good games and im tired of the wow or eq2 players bagging on the other game and havent even played the other.

eq2-this game is more group orientated and alot of ppl say that its all instances. the areas are bettter fit so lag doesnt spread as much and the real instances are mostly group or raids. the players in this game seem to be nicer then wow community and the solo play seems to be much harder at high lvls. the items are pretty limited rigt now but thats to be expected when you implement a new game system as pvp. as things settle down as they are beginning to they will lvl out again. the problem with this game is that its hard to lvl when your new and dont know the "sweet spots". the quests integration is awsome and the rewards always very. the game is a bit glitched but for a game thats making so many updates and huge upgrades id be scared if it didn't

wow-another good game but it seems to be more soloing then anything. The instances were the only thing i really needed a group on. the ppl sit there and talk but the community isnt all that great. it doesnt seem to much like a Massive Multiplayer game more like a rpg with random ppl running around. the economy is all high lvl proned and it seems easier to lvl then eq2. the graphics are pretty much at the same lvl with eq2 when eq2 is on standard mode.  there arent too many glitches but the game doesnt seem like its built to go any where or ever do too many huge updates. sure there will be new classes and areas but other then that it seems tied off.

eq2 vs wow-dont get me wrong both games are great but they appeal more to the different classes of gamers. eq2 is more realistic fantasy and wow is more cartoonish when it comes to graphics. eq2 is more complicated and in depth while wow is more for the casual gamer. eq2 is pretty spread item wise with lvls and wow is more a high end game. eq2 does the grouping better and wow does solo better but either or the games to be heading in the same direction and would probably make more money by putting there efforts together and making a new game implementing both technologies but thats my opinion.  


  • ShaydeShayde Member Posts: 4,529

    Yes, but EQ2 is owned by $OE, and $OE is pure evil, so WoW wins.

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  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,920

    LOL EQ2 vs WoW again!!

    Played both for over a year and my personal feeling is.

    WoW pros-no zoning,best possible mmorpg if you are new to genre,wonderful fun level 1-59,beautiful environment,each class is so unique ,few bugs,fun quests,not strenous on computer.

    cons-server instability,horribly boring at 60,pvp is mostly instanced and means queuing(gah),annoying community(even on raids with your guild its not uncommon for ppl to suddenly log or go afk for over 30 mins),boring crafting,few class choices,very slow updates to content.

    EQ2 pros-nicer community,pvp not too bad(has some balancing issues),loads to do as you get higher levels,very regular content added,many classes,fun quests,beautiful environment ,great guild system,good crafting.

    cons-zoning,bit confusing at early levels,more group oriented,more bugs then WoW.,high specs

    Both i found as good games as would not have spent so long playing them .

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