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I know it might be old news and not sure if any1 else has posted but...

An official PSP demo for the new PSP firmware 2.7 has been released! The game is LocoRoco, it is japanese with weird music that supprisingly doesnt get annoying! it is all in japanese which kinda sux. its addictive and very original.

You are a little yellow blob and you use the left and right triggers to rotate the screen while you hold down both L+R to then jump. You navigate the level and eat flowers to combine with more blobs to form one fat blob. You can also press O O, to separate into as many blobs you have collected, you do this to fit through narrow places then once through you hold O to make the blobs yell (very weird) and join back together.

If you have a PSP and at lest 8mb free then i would suggest on checking this out.

I also would like to ask if anyone has heard anything about any more demos being released? Or if their are any downlaodable flash games (heard there would be some for 2.7's new flash player) planed to come out?


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