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Phantasy Star Universe

apocalanceapocalance Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

Anyone have any good information on PSU? The trailer looks cool but tells me nothing about the game. :)




  • StalJesterStalJester Member Posts: 66

    If you played PSO, it's probably a good basis of an idea to have on it's gameplay style.  It's not your big huge world with hundreds of players populating it.  It's like Guild Wars.  Except instead of several small 'town' areas with a few dozen people in it, it's one big city/lobby area with hundreds of players...and then the dungeons you can group up with people and take on.  Or if that's not your style, go solo and kill stuff like a badass (granted that in PSO, when you went solo, enemies were scaled down to be a little more fair to you).  That may or may not be how it is though, since there are three planets this time around, instead of just one.

    The character customization system, for your avatars and such, is supposedly going to be pretty in-depth.  I don't think we'll have the amount of customization something like City of Heroes/Villains brings us, but I have no doubts that it'll be enough, or maybe even more than enough, to make us feel unique when we're out there killin' stuff.

    Combat's fun, more fun than most MMO's in my opinion.  It's not run up to Booma #3874 and hit auto-attack and maybe a few special abilites until it's a bloody mess on the ground. You will actually attack on your own with your weapons, and you actually have to hit the thing to register the hits.  You can mix in power attacks, special attacks, and such into this, and a magic system.  That's how it was in PSO anyways.  From what they say about PSU, instead of being stuck with just one weapon (like a little photon-saber) you can mix-and-match.  Maybe...a photon-saber in one hand, and a blaster in the other.  Slice the enemy twice with the sword, and then deliver a nice hot bullet of plasma to the thing's face.  And supposedly you can cast your magic in your combos too to make things even more interesting.

    Aside from the enjoyable online play, there's gonna be a nice single-player campaign to take part in, too, I hear. Apparently 40-50 hours worth, says IGN.  But they sometimes exxagerate things.

    And they're also including vehicles...buuuuuuut, they never had that in PSO, so I have no idea how that'll turn out.  But hey.  Whee, vehicles.  Am I right?

    Bad thing is that it's been delayed three times now.  Many of us are beginning to wonder if it'll ever come out... (it freakin' better).

    Not sure if this is the type of info you were lookin' for, you weren't very specefic.  But I tried!
  • ZhanghiaZhanghia Member UncommonPosts: 1,312
    It'll also cost money, the whole system (minus costing money) is extremely similar to Diablo, At least in PSO.
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