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Does anyone here, who is a developer, actually think this game is not a scam or will succeed?



  • MaxBaconMaxBacon Member LegendaryPosts: 7,650
    edited December 2016
    CrazKanuk said:
    Either way, though, it's a fucking cool link!  
    Okay I guess you just got mislead by inaccurate outdated info. That is over one year old. Old as before CIG started dropping outsourcing contracts as Illfonic and Moon Collider. 

    So based from CIG own claims during this year and also recently on interviews points clearly a focus of the company brought development in-doors and reduce outsourcing, as we can also see by the expansion of their own office spaces that is ongoing (on physical space and hiring).
  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Member EpicPosts: 3,056
    Saxx0n said:
    CrazKanuk said:
    Saxx0n said:
    I am a developer PR/Brand Manager and I do not think it is a scam and I believe it will succeed and set a new bar for the gaming industry. This title and company will go down in the books as the strongest foundation to further game development using crowd funding methods in the future.

    I put my money where my mouth is and have chosen to not "buy ships" but, support CIG to the tune of 650.00
    Developer, ey?

    [Citation Needed]

    You realize that BitBox could be BitBox as in Life is Feudal developer, right? In which case, I'd say developer or not he's got some decent credibility on the subject. If not, the other BitBox Ltd's that I find are like less than 10 employees. So, yeah, it's not outside the realm of possibility. Take it from someone who was once a Game Designer/Developer/Business Development Manager. 
    You are correct CrazKanuk. I wear many hats. Actually that title is one given to me by one of the people here at MMORPG. I did not ask nor tell them to tag me that way. I did not mind at all so never really mentioned it to the staff here. My official title at the moment is Operations Manager. My job covers many areas in our company. I am not a code developer by any means but, my work covers top level strategy, design decisions, advertisment campaigns, PR and Brand management, Management of our appearances at PAX South/East/E3 and all that entails and all other North American business transactions etc. I also have a working relationship with Xsolla, Sean Bean and his management team for past work and future work that is scheduled,not to mention professionals across the industry including everyone here at MMORPG up to Craig.

    I do not weigh in much in discussions around here but, I do sometimes and I was an active member here before I even worked for Bitbox Ltd. I do not spam or promote my company here other than when relevant discussions come up and even then, I respond within the context of the discussion  at hand.

    I do support Star Citizen, as I stated and have weighed in before at the fascination I have with the anti-SC people and their campaign. I simply responded in this thread since I saw a request in the title. I responded earlier in this post covering the fact I do not actually author code, but I touch almost every other aspect of game design and strategy, as well as being involved in most business related matters in Europe and North America.

    So you can take my above statements as you see fit. I love Star Citizen and it mirrors the freedom and choices Life is Feudal:YO and our new and preparing to launch Life is Feudal:MMO share, not even mentioning we have also branched out into publishing for other small developers helping them bring their games to the market, as well as continuing to further expand the Life is Feudal brand by allowing usage of the name. 

    I love Star Citizen and I am excited to watch them develop the title. I feel what I posted earlier in this thread was correct, factual and spot on.

    See you in the verse! ;)

    edit: Forgive me everyone for straying off topic but, considering someone in the thread was upset with my credentials I felt it was correct to respond.

     I also felt the need to mention my company has expanded from a small number of employees as you mentioned to over 60 employees and we are still growing. 
    This is not a threat, so please don't take it as such; how would they feel knowing you are openly associating your brand with strong support of Star Citizen?

    To me, it seems like a potential conflict of interest: are you managing BitBox's brand or Star Citizen's brand?  This is not at all hostile, just an observation. 

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  • rodarinrodarin Member EpicPosts: 2,607
    Erillion said:
    rodarin said:
    Well according to a self tabulated spreadsheet they release. There is no way of knowing any real figures,
    You forget that the Guiness Book of World Records checked the numbers before putting it into the GBWR as the largest crowdfunding success ever, any genre. Confirmation for GBWR usually requires an attesting notary.

    Have fun
    Except they only tabulated the first 35 or so million and I doubt their process these days is anything like it used to be. The beauty of it is Roberts claimed they had raided 55 million but they were credited with (for the record) around 35 million. That was also two years ago, so wouldnt it make sense that if this was a serious record it would have been updated each successive year? Or maybe the book wanted too but Roberts didnt want the real numbers to be known?
  • time007time007 Member UncommonPosts: 1,062
    edited December 2016
    When is this game due out?

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  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 9,000
    time007 said:
    When is this game due out?
    No launch date.  

    Company doing their first MMO will be crazy and have lots of mistakes as they work things out.  Like expanding from one to four games before completing the original. 

    Who created that spreadsheet?

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332
    If Chris had to rely on a steadfast budget,NOTHING in this game would have got done.
    He was pandering around the 3x value on crowd funded money,making this well over 350 million invested so far.There is no such thing as an investment,this is VERY simply cash shop sales BEFORE a game is completed.

    Chris has managed to SCAM his way into making a LOT of money without first completing a game.NO where on this planet does this happen 10 years ago,he would have been fired by the investors and the game would have been disbanded.

    Geesus,he can't even get ships finished,he was spending players money that is SUPPOSE to go towards the game building and using it all to have more ships for the cash shop sales.Then i see people THINKING everything promised will get done,yeah quite possible but at what cost?If Chris had to rely on a steadfast budget,NOTHING gets done.

    I was one who originally defended the mismanagement claim,i still thought of this as a big time scam but now there is no question he is not a capable manager/ceo/producer,just a real smart businessman that knows how to make money with no risk.This only happens in the game industry,no where else do people make money with zero risk.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • LienhartLienhart Member UncommonPosts: 662
    Just necroing a thread I made nearly 2 years ago to say....

    ..........GAME IS STILL NOT OUT ;)
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