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Many Many MMOs

FunseikiFunseiki Member UncommonPosts: 263
Recently there seems to be a good amount of MMOs out and in development that follow the story of a TV show, movie, or other video game (Matrix Online, Star Trek, Shenmue Online, etc.). Sometimes it seems to me that the games coming out are only being developed because MMOs are becoming more popular. I'm sure that there have been many threads just like this one but what i want to know if any of these MMOs will be decent. Also, and many may find this strange or child-like, but i think that something like Pokemon would make a very good MMO if developers did it right(though people can make the argument that ANY MMO has a chance of being good if developers make a game right), if anyone has any info about an upcoming Pokemon MMO please post here.

Also post what type of MMO you think should be made, u can base it off of something already out like Pokemon, or something on your own - im sure many you have ideas since you all have experienced MMOs and know what you like and dislike about the MMOs you have played


  • nethervoidnethervoid Member UncommonPosts: 531

    I think the basis for any good MMO is to NOT base it on any previously used story line.  In fact, it's best to have NO story line at all.  Make the game world extremely dynamic, then have the inhabitants build what they will, even the monsters.  Give them a 'how to live' AI, which will have them making caves (if they're bears or such), tribes of nomad orcs, a few regular NPCs becoming Vampires, thereby adopting the 'Vampire AI'.

    To add at least a little storyline help, have a handful of GM run NPCs who sorta steer the plot line.

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  • katriellkatriell Member UncommonPosts: 977

    "i want to know if any of these MMOs will be decent."

    There can be no answer for MMOs that are still in early development, like Star Trek Online.

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  • XpheyelXpheyel Member Posts: 704

    I agree with katriell. At this point, all we know about stuff like "Stargate Online" or "Pirates of the Caribbean Online" is that they're, woah, making an MMORPG. Presumably, the Stargate and Pirates will figure into those games, respectively.

    Come to think of it, why hasn't there been a pirate Stargate episode..?

    I think that it could be a good idea to exploit the Sci-Fi franchises to get away from the D&D fantasy style.


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