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Caspien to his players: Stop Pouting. Stop complaining



  • AnOldFartAnOldFart Member UncommonPosts: 502
    edited August 2018
    Hey @Slapshot1188 just needed to correct a couple things in this thread.

    1)There is 5 buttons to press not 3 (I'm assuming you missed generate and neutralise)
    2)If your intending to take over someone's village you and your mates need >50% of the land to vote him out. Unless your going war, not sure they have worked out the details of that yet.

    Good to see you got a free account, me and a mate are pushing for our 4th (remember we are both backers, so we had two paid for) with the generate now making 2 purity we should get that shortly. Then it's onto the 5th.

    Finally and I'm sure this is just a slight typo (or the way I read it) but it sounded like you believe it will be released because you "will take over some mayor's land"

    But let's be honest this game won't be out until 2025 and by then we will have better things to occupy our minds.

    I'm bored and decided to moan about absolutely ridiculous stuff just because I can... 
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