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Dev Chat on Sat. April 29th

Just wanted to give a heads up to those that might be like to attend the first in a series of live dev chats the great people at TCoS will be holding.

Of course you can always just stop by www.thechroniclesofspellborn.com for all the info but the IRC server is irc.tcos.com and the channel will be #spellborn-qa.

Hope to see some of you there.


  • TheeThee Member Posts: 22

    Yes, we are really looking forward to see you all on our IRC network. I am sure you'll come up with some interesting questions for our first public dev chat.

    Don't forget that our IRC is open 24/7, so you always have the chance to catch other fans and our developers and chat with them.

    I am looking forward to see you all tomorrow!

  • Ugge85Ugge85 Member Posts: 32
    read the log, awesome stuff 

  • tompirlettompirlet Member UncommonPosts: 16
    give the members some info how to use IRC pls because i dont know how it works

  • TheeThee Member Posts: 22

    Originally posted by tompirlet
    give the members some info how to use IRC pls because i dont know how it works

    TCoS.com has information about IRC and TCoSnet available. You can  go here and read all about it.
  • shaeshae Member Posts: 2,509

    Great chat and it was nice to see the dev's really give some good information out.

    I was a little dissapointed that questions were so restricted but meh... that happens, and also that housing is going to be such a 2 dimensional affair, I was really hopping for a really great housing system to get that feeling of belonging and really living and growing in a world where I'm setting roots.

    But then I suppose it's a fair peice better then having nothing at all.

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