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No more auto accept feature in WoW - sneaked in patch (they didn't document it)



  • pantaropantaro Member RarePosts: 514
    Kyleran said:
    Sephiroso said:
    You say you're not trolling but you obviously are by saying "Now i can solo invasions on argus without needing to join a party or group as if the change changed anything about that for you. You needed to download an addon for the auto grouping thing and if you didn't like grouping obviously you wouldn't have had said addon.
    Avoided the entire discussion and resorted to using the catchphrase "trolling". Couldn't come up with any other argument for your case to make about making grouping harder and annoying...when every other MMO makes grouping easier and less annoying?
    Does "every" MMO go to this extreme to make finding a group convenient?

    EVE certainly doesn't,  just wondering if ESO, BDO or even Bless do anything like this autoaccept tool.

    First time I've ever heard of such a thing and makes me wonder why.many clamor for classic WOW which certainly had none of these conveniences.  (Yet somehow,  I recall doing quite a bit of grouping back then)
    yea i was over here like what is all this auto accept nonsense and why are WoW people raging over it and why is this even a discussion? O because blizzard doing blizzard things!
  • ManestreamManestream Member UncommonPosts: 941
    I stopped playing during warlords Xp pack. Even though i got Legion XP i have NOT played it at all.

    Most of the stuff i did and played SOLO anyways (my friends all left for other games) the guild broke up since they all migrated to other servers, the cost for me to do that was not beneficial as i would have wanted to take at least 9 of my 10 characters but not at £20 a pop. I wouldnt do it at £18.
    Now if they had the choice to move 1,2,3 or all of your characters for the 1 price then maybe it would be worth it (most other games have this for free and you can do it multiple times, though some have a 1per month limit. But still free.

    I would also mainly like to see the option to choose between EU or US server base's (much like diablo, starcraft, destiny etc) so you can choose what you want to do. You wont be able to transfer characters or iytems or such between server zones. Then i would be able to join my streamer friends but right now, i carnt so i dont play no more.
    Longer the time goes the easier it becomes to not miss the game and become so what about it... old news.
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,011
    Sephiroso said:
    I always searched manually and joined on WQ groups anyways.  It takes, like, 10 seconds.
    My whole point. Bringing this up is stupid. OP should discuss something that's actually a problem and there are a few that I already see being issues with BFA like the azerite gear issue i mentioned up above.

    Seriously people talking about the difference of 10 seconds of work here.
    I honestly never even realized there was an add-on that would do it automatically.

    I feel the larger problem of no folks for WQ lately has as much to do with Darkshore WQ offering much better gear for much less work.  Legion content is only good for getting trinkets/rings/necklaces at this point.  Hell, my newbie Warlock had two pieces of Darkshore equipment drops upgraded to 225 and 235 the other day.  There's no point in farming Legion content for armor anymore.
    It seems to me the real issue at hand (and why I left in 2006) is the never ending loot spiral.

    No actual game to play, unless it supports the acquisition of the next tier of loot.

    I love progression in games, just not loot heavy progression or a focus on it. (Though it certainly can be part of it)

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