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More active steam players atm than TERA, NWO or ESO <3



  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 6,487
    Nilden said:

    From a peak of 5k down to less than 363... I wonder how they are keeping the lights on?

    For reference Marvel Heroes pulled in around double than that at 733 when it went down and the company died.

    City of Heroes was MAKING money, and it went down. It wasn't losing money, but making money every month. NCsoft instead shut it down, leaving the developers and owner of the company blindsided.  

    I think there is internal corruption inside NCsoft.

    That or/and NCsoft is racist and hates westerners. Cause why else would they keep sabotaging their own games? Except for Guild Wars since GW makes them a ton of money. If it was making money, but a lot less, they'd treat it the same. But all their western games except for GW they treat like crap. They even tried to sabotage Richard Garriot, cause they must hate westerners and were then found guilty by the court of law making them guilty no matter what one thinks. 

    Even SOE never does or did anything that shitty lol.

    For Wildstar. its supposedly a pet project by NCsoft CEO. Probably why it survives. Cause CoH was far more successful and NCsoft still shut it down.
    COH was a dead game, if you think it was making money hand over first.... you are beyond wrong. Im not trying to stick up for NCsoft at all, they are scumbags just like any other publisher. But things like Lord British is completely wrong too. Garriot is a sleazy scumbag himself, and him his brother (who at the time was a NcSoft board member)... and Starr Long took NcSoft for a ride with Tabula Rasa. Wasting many resources to build a game... then completely scrap the idea.... then make the finalized Tabula Rasa, and have it be a completely utter failure. 
     Of course NcSoft wanted that guy gone, they got screwed. Didn't help Garriot was totally absent from the game after launch, the game was dead in the water by the time you got half way through it. Cause their was actually NO content to do.  Then guy went to bank earning millions plus actual outer space... and whats he doing now???????? Taking people for another ride with Starr Long in the game Shroud of the Avatar hahahahahahahahahaha.

    And you want to say SOE "never does or did anything shitty like that". 

    They ruined Star Wars Galaxies, they shut down Vanguard... and never gave it a fighting chance cause it was superior game over EQ2 that lacked a lot of polish and was in direct competition. They build tremendous hype for EQ next and then flush that down the tubes having everyone with a EQ boner buy their EQ Landmark. The only thing they focus primarily now is H1Z1 which they lied about, and now a days is failing as a BR to the likes of Fortnite, and PUBG. They shut down numerous games in their life span as SOE/Daybreak.... John Smedley was and still is one of the biggest scumbags in the biz... and he knew damn well enough to get out of that sinking ship.
    I'd doubt it was as dead as this thread though...
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