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Anyone played Camelot Unchained Beta 1?

MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member EpicPosts: 3,531
The CU Beta 1 started yesterday, right?  I haven't heard one peep about how it's going.  I'm pretty sure my cheap pledge doesn't get me in at this stage.  Anyone tried it?


  • tinnistinnis Member UncommonPosts: 41
    edited August 2018
    if you have beta 2 access you will be occassionally invited during beta 1 phase.

    nda is still in effect for start, will start to drop some point perhaps a month or two.

    cse did an update stream talking about it is going yesterday
  • meddyckmeddyck Member UncommonPosts: 1,282
    First rule of CU Beta 1 is: you do not talk about CU Beta 1. B)

    DAOC Live (inactive): R11 Cleric R11 Druid R11 Minstrel R9 Eldritch R6 Sorc R6 Scout R6 Healer

  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 19,859
    meddyck said:
    First rule of CU Beta 1 is: you do not talk about CU Beta 1. B)
    Its currently Camelot Chained, while the king of the studio talks about it online. :)
  • tweedledumb99tweedledumb99 Member UncommonPosts: 290
    It's fun.

    It's a beta.

    It shows promise.

    It doesn't bring me fun for more than like an hour at a time (I don't do crafting or building, those are deeper and can probably bring more hours of fun at a stretch).
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